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Attitude is the Cause of 89% of New Hire Failures

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March 5, 2013

Get Job Ready

Did you know?

According to National Association of Colleges and Employers, NACE, employers want to hire candidates with good interpersonal skills. They want to invest in employees who have more than technical know-how.  In the Get Job Ready lessons in CACareerCafe.Com, students can review and assess the “soft” skills employers seek and take steps to build  those skills as they prepare for the workplace. Since having a positive attitude is one skill that spells success, see if your students can earn an “A” for attitude in this CafĂ© lesson.

Brief them…

  • List and discuss skills students believe employers seek.
  • Show CACareerCafe home page and link to Get Job Ready.
  • Review Get Job Ready lesson options and choose Earn an A” for Attitude.
  • View video and links on that page.
  • Distribute Student Activity, review directions and complete.
  • Discuss students’ suggestions on how to develop a positive attitude.

Want More?

For additional classroom lessons that will give your students an added career advantage, try the Workplace Skills Library at CACareerBriefs.Com.

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