Monday, April 18, 2011

Why the Jester and Anonymous are Both Wrong

The opinions expressed below are mine, and not official positions of MPICT, CCSF, or any of my other employers.

I am writing this because it's too long to explain on Twitter, and the responses I get there make it clear that an explanation is needed.

In the USA, we have the legal system and the Bill of Rights for good reasons. If someone says something unpopular, you cannot silence them with force. But you are free to state your own opinion, too. That way we live in a noisy, chaotic culture, with many people saying things that are often wrong and offensive, and you have to win by saying better things, not by silencing your enemies.

Right now the Jester (@th3j35t3r) and Anonymous are taking down many Web sites with DoS and DDoS attacks. Several Anonymous participants have been arrested, but so far the Jester has escaped capture, probably because his cyber-weapons are more advanced and he works alone.

Both the Jester and Anonymous are wrong. They are breaking the law, and denying others their Constitutional rights. And since their targets are often political and religious, they damage our most fundamental freedoms. It is essential to let people with religious or political messages speak freely, so people can make informed decisions about them.

At first, the Jester took down sites he called Jihadist, saying they were participating in terrorism. It is possible that some of those were not in the USA, or perhaps even legitimate military targets; but it is obvious that the Jester did not have legal authority to attack them. But then he took down Wikileaks and the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC). While Wikileaks was hosted on American servers, it should have enjoyed the protections of the American legal system, and the WBC certainly should. The WBC is a religous and political organization, and in America, so they are very strongly protected. Their protests and Web sites are outrageous and offensive, of course, but silencing them by force is illegal.

The Jester's campaign is self-destructive. If he continues on his current path, he will be stopped by external forces, and probably end up in prison. People who cheer for him and encourage him are not his friends. I'd like to see him stop before it comes to that.

People are saying I am unpatriotic and disrespectful towards the Jester, but I don't see it that way. I support the Constitution, and I say the Jester needs to stop his crimes. That's what he needs to hear, not what he wants to hear.

EDIT: I changed 'projections' to 'protections' in the 3rd-to-last paragraph at 5:04 pm April 22, 2011 (ty @attritionorg)


  1. I'm not a lawyer, and its been years since my law class, but does denying someone ONE of their 1st amendment mediums (website) really the equivalent of denying them the ENTIRETY of their Constitutional rights? All those groups are still free to spread their message via other mediums. Also, anonymous and jester don't seem to be stopping those groups from POSTING their messages, just preventing others from reading them. where does that fit?

  2. 1: I was under the impression that the Wikileaks servers that The Jester took down were not located within the US, but in Sweden. They moved to the US located Amazon servers after the Jester's attack. Noting that Julian Assange is not an American citizen, was Amazon violating any American citizens constitutional rights by removing Wikileaks from their servers?

    2: The foreign hosted jihadi servers are not run by or for US citizens. They are run by sworn enemies of the US, who have and deserve absolutely no rights under any US law, other then status as potential POW's - or dead.

    3: As a US citizen I'm quite comfortable with WBC being deprived of their websites. I'd be even more comfortable seeing them beaten down every single time they show up at a private funeral to deprive the grieving of their right to a quiet dignity in the passing of a loved one.

  3. I think you're missing the most fundamental point that both are trying to make, especially anonymous. It's not a first amendment denial, it's a way to draw media attention to the person/corp./etc that is denying someone else their rights. People don't pay attention unless you do something to get their attention.

  4. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    basically if i am spouting shit the government can not shut me up. nothing says that some bloke can not come alone and temporally silence me. this same bloke could not be backed by Congress, and if such actions were violent then Congress has a responsibility to stop them.

  5. my targets use the very freedoms u speak of as tool for bad. -@th3j35t3r

    there is no such thing as "bad." just because you don't agree with it, doesn't make it "bad."

    I say, let's just admit that WBC is a bunch of fuckwads that crave attention like a neglected 2yr old and just ignore them.

  6. Throwing acid in little girls faces is bad.

    Sawing peoples heads off slowly on video for theological amusement is bad.

    Suffocating somebody on video by wrapping electrical tape around their heads is bad.

    Ethnic cleansing is bad.

    Genocide is bad.

    Rape is bad.

    If you think there is no such thing as bad, then you are seriously naive, or seriously twisted in the head.

    WBC has been ignored for decades, it has only inspired them to do worse.

  7. I agree some of the acts of people claiming to be part of Anonymous are illegal, and worse has caused damage to many individuals. If caught for most of their actions it is likely they will go to prison.

    7h3J35t3r on the other hand wouldn't go to prison. His DOS attacks may be an irritation to those operating their sites, but no other damage to individuals are done.
    Speaking of the American judicial system you have to remember the defendent is allowed a jury trial. How many prosecutors do you think would charge J35T3R for DOS-ing sites recruiting individuals to join a jihad against America? NONE!
    As far as the lunatics who are hiding behind the label of a 'church' (notice I don't use their name; I won't give them any 'proper' publicity) to use the first amendment in order to push their agenda... nobody is hurt here either. Although the DOS-ing their site is likely questionable, again I don't see a prosecutor pursuing this case. In times where morality comes to question, a jury will often side with the defendant.

    Freedom of speach doesn't protect all ideals. You cannot falsely yell "fire" in an area full of people. You cannot use it to incite violence, etc. You cannot use it to spread inaccurate information which causes any physical or nonphysical damage. There are other times, but you get the picture.

    The great thing about the American judicial system, is in the end the 'people' have the final say.

  8. Really everything that jester and anon does is illegal? And all this time I thought Hacker meant good thing's.

    I think you are missing the point and the reason they target who they do and why. From what I just read it looks to me like you took everything you gathered from every news story you have read about them. Then turned them into your own little piece.

    While you'd like to scream justice, laws and so on. Just remember the laws and justice only apply when people in those positions decide they need to apply. As the judicial and law system is more corrupt then your everyday hacker.

    Seems as if you really don't like Jester. Why is that? Were you a past target? As much as I'm sure you'd love to see him arrested and go to jail. The reality of the situation is "IF" the fed's did decide to go after him. It would more than likely be to offer him a job as a government hacker to go after the sites he's after now to shut them down. For the same reasons he's doing it now.

    And if ya think that's B.S. do a little more footwork than you did with this piece. And look up convicted hackers who have served time and are now gainfully employed by the government, themselves or security firms. Doing the same damn thing they were convicted for in the first place.

  9. First of all, WBC is a hatebait scam on the same page with rightsbait scammers Righthaven and patent troll Monsanto.

    Second of all, organizations are not individuals. Individuals have an undefined fragile moral core which is where these rights derive from. Groups tend to drown out the dissent that might make them responsible participants in society. Anon somehow manages to amplify all but the lamest opinions so there is a vague moral flavor remaining.

    Third, tell protesters not to block doors and even the founding fathers would laugh at you. You forget that it was the same Anons who helped reconnect Egyptians' internet. The bill of rights is meant to constrain government and institutions. The philosophy is nice and all but reality forces those willing to act to do so.

  10. A funeral should never be the object of a protest. If WBC doesn't like US politics and policies, go protest in D.C. Leave the grieving families alone. I am both socially and politically conservative, I am also a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. There is nothing biblical or Christian about what WBC does. I have personally had to deal with them a funeral in my community. If they hate the US so much, they are fee to leave and go live somewhere else. A little research reveals that they are exactly what Anti Vigilante said they are not a church, they are a group of lawyers running a hatebait scam looking for someone to sue.

  11. I watched a video of one of Sam's classes a few weeks ago here:

    Sam does seem to have some personal grudge against @th3j35t3r - however is quite happy to use Jester as a teaching aid. I like his stereotypical view that Jester has no social skills (starting at 9:10 in video) and insinuates that Jester WILL leave himself wide open to a social engineering attack. I now draw your attentions to this post on Jester's blog from last week:

    I think he already knows all about Social Engineering!

    You make a lot of assumptions Mr Bowne. I agree with the other guy above, you need to research a little more, I would have thought a person in your position within your chosen field would know this.

    It Strikes me there is only one 'Ethical Hacker' here, and it isn't you.

  12. When Anonymous targets websites, they do so because the owners of those websites have curbed or threatened the freedom of communication, often illegally (as in the case of Wikileaks, Tunisia, etc). Anonymous often steps in when the law fails or refuses to act.

    When thejester targets websites, he does because he is irritated by them (WBC) or because he considers them a threat to the US.

    I appreciate both Anonymous and thejester for some reasons, and dislike them for others, but I don't think it's fair to equally renounce Anonymous and thejester for violating the principles of the constitution and the bill of rights. In fact, one reason Anonymous decided not to attack WBS is that many anons felt that doing so would violate the principles of free speech. (look at the debate on anonnews, if you're interested).

  13. Crimes against people who have no intention to stop until the infidels are destroyed? Haha whatever! I am a friend of J35 and support him openly for what he does. I am wondering if those promoting jihad get ridiculed when they are able to recruit another suicide bomber because they are going to take away others rights?

    Also, the stateside "external forces" agree with his work because they don't have to get their hands dirty as well as implicate our government

  14. This is no different than a radio station firing you for saying something offensive. Like it or not, they aren't the government, and it's not their place to uphold or even recognize the 1st amendment. That's why it happens, all the time. It's not the government's job to protect your websites; if it was, we'd be a whole lot closer to the police state you're trying to avoid. Attacking another person's website in this case as Jester does IS a form of expression as well. When you post an opinion on a forum, and a moderator removes it or alters it, it's not a 1st amendment violation. When a website suspends or removes your forum for objectionable content, that's also not a 1st amendment violation. You may not agree with Jester's methods and so it seems the law doesn't either. I think in this case that's a lack of flexibility in my opinion.

  15. Make sure you tell the WW II Vet that the Mexican flag can be flown higher then the united states flag on US soil. Ask him how he feels.

    You are correct, it is currently illegal by documented definition, for now. it is hard to argue with that.

    Good luck trying to stand by that, and tell that vet i said THANK YOU FOR MY RIGHTS TO TAKE TERRORIST WEBSITES DOWN!

    I get my laws from those who risk their lives defending them.

    - StupidBastard

  16. I see persona sockpuppets, lol.....(and trollz)....pfff like america has not raeped, murdered, and pillaged it way across it's last 400 odd years of history both at home and abroad. Errr put small pocks in blankets to kill off native indigenous persons (plus the stolen land and the reserve system much like the Nazi death camps), installing and supporting murderess regimes in the middle east, central and south america, who learned torture techniques from the CIA. Two wars whose lie became the the weapons of mass destruction to millions in Iraq and Afghanistan. And also there was Timothy McVeigh murderess revenge and his supporters, the KKK, the abortion clinic bombers and the shooters, and I can go one for days jester about Americas crimes.

    When you point a finger at someone or a group of people be prepared to have ten pointing back at your shit. All shit smells darlin', there is no, 'my shit is not as bad as yours' here. You seem to think we are all a bunch of kids living in our parents basement here on the intrawebz, and can not use critical thought or analysis when it comes to bullshit. Don't be as stupid as Aaron Barr and let your ego steer you. Or should we expect that from an alpha males like you two.

    "Throwing acid in little girls faces is bad.

    Sawing peoples heads off slowly on video for theological amusement is bad.

    Suffocating somebody on video by wrapping electrical tape around their heads is bad.

    Ethnic cleansing is bad.

    Genocide is bad.

    Rape is bad.

    If you think there is no such thing as bad, then you are seriously naive, or seriously twisted in the head.

    WBC has been ignored for decades, it has only inspired them to do worse."

    Jester that is you above, I know your writing when I read it borrow a word from Wikileaks u r transparent. Funny you sign it anonymous......

    Oh and the suggestion about the donations (money) for wounded soldiers was really touching (insert sarcastic tone here), and hopefully will help since your Americ**t government will not do the right or honorable thing, and look after those wounded men & women that they should have been responsible for in the first place. And your also personally excepting part of the donations as well, haha, nuff said do love the attention don't ya.

    I have no doubt that the government knows exactly which one of their former guys went rouge. In other words like Aaron's chosen Anon adjective, you're just a 'cog' in the murdering military industrial complex. Sadly you will never be anything else. And when you lie alone at night in the dark u will remember my words.


  17. 11 fingers? So that's how he does it...

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. patriot=nationalist, just sayin'

  20. LOLSHITSTORM where it doesn't count for much. This is like throwing a riot in a Dunkin Donuts. Makes even trolls look bad.

  21. I agree with Sam, and unlike all but one of the preceding commenters on this thread, I'm unafraid to post this using my real name. So come and get me if you wish, Jester, but you and Anonymous are indeed criminals and do belong in prison. I pray that day will come sooner rather than later.

  22. th3j35t3r's DOS takedowns of WBC's websites accomplished nothing beyond giving him and his supporters the good feeling of having done so. In place of the websites, WBC were using Twitter and other social media to spread the word and these paths are, in fact, better than the website because those sites are maintained by others without cost and effort by the WBC.

    I think that groups like the WBC and the jihadists are smart enough to realize that their sites will eventually get taken down or hacked and they have alternative means to get their messages out, as in the most recent case.

    Maybe th3j35t3r does all this because he got tired of seeing these sites on the Internet, spewing hatred against America and decided to take matters into his own hands. I don't know.

    What I am curious about is if he had found any intel on these jihadists that the US intelligence community hadn't previously acquired and had passed it on. If not, I wonder what the actual point of all this is.

  23. The "jester" is just a cute little persona for a washed up POG at best trying to get the attention of perspective employers. While at times s/he might exhibit some sort of critical thinking, it's abundantly clear that isn't the case when it comes to the blind patriotism and seemingly nationalist agenda as noted above. Watch out guys, this powerpoint ranger might "tango down" a site or two if you don't throw some change in that bitcoin purse.

    Oh "jester" make sure you tell your equally blind followers to come post in your defense if you haven't already. I know that fragile ego of yours needs a good stroking.

    ps. Quit using the blood and sweat of real soldiers and marines as a springboard for praise, attention, and now cash at you and your silly games.

  24. Sam, is th3j35t3r wronger than Anonymous? A word count of your description of his wrongness vs your description of Anonymous' wrongness suggests you think th3j35t3r is the wrongest.

    The Jester is a Civilian Irregular Information Operator employing his Xerxes Denial Of Service tool as a Restrictive Measure against selected propaganda. You have managed my perception towards thinking that you wish th3j35t3r was as paralyzed by lawfare as the Regular counterpropagandists are.

  25. The Jester, says Rob, is "at best trying to get the attention of perspective [sic] employers. … Watch out guys, this powerpoint ranger might 'tango down' a site or two if you don't throw some change in that bitcoin purse."

    So if The Jester is at best a greedy self-promoter, what is he at worst? I think he's an egomaniacal cyber-bullying coward and a traitor to the First Amendment. Come and get me, Jester!

  26. .....oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive......

    The movie......Cyberwarfare.....starring thejester as the fake/cyber persona puppets hero, anonymous as teh anti-hero.....and Aaron Barr as the an hero. Who will be ruined for life? Oh noes.... xb

  27. cannoneerno4: Please lay off the hallucinogens and seek help immediately.

    Rob: I just donated to WBC. What now?

    Alan: Failbait is failbait.

  28. Rob obviously has some personal issues against Jester. Did he verbally abuse you or something? You sound like a little upset kid that someone gets more attention than you.

  29. I can't decide which is more pathetic, The Jester or his many Anonymous supporters on this thread. The Jester presumably derives some solitary ego gratification out of the attention we pay to his childish antics.

    But what about his fawning supporters, too spineless even to sign their names? What do you get out of your obsequious relationship to such an unworthy hero?

  30. Which Alan Kurtz are you? I'd be more than happy to meet up with you at your front door and discuss your aberrant need for creating IRL conflict and help talk you down from your apparent psychotic break thinking that typing a name in a comment section means you used your actual name, especially without supportive documentation. I am fully willing to help you find the help you are crying out for, dude.

  31. I follow Jester and have followed him on twitter for over a year now, so am quite informed on his ways, methods and reasoning.

    In my opinion, Jester is a true patriot in an un-policeable arena. if some of you take the time before vilifying, you will see that. One of the great things about the internet lies in the fact that it has no borders and law enforcement jurisdiction are sketchy at best.

    Those of you spouting 1st Ammendment really need to think about what you are saying, 1st Ammendment prevents the Government from silencing you, not private citizens like Jester.

    People like Westboro, and Jihadists that Jester targets (especially Westboro) abuse the same laws that protect normal people for their own gain.

    To those talking about Jester's recent decision to accept donations, it is well documented that he has always directed anyone wanting to donate to do so directly to Wounded Warrior Project. Even on his 'Support' page he states he prefers it if you donate to WWP rather than himself. He is most definitely in this game for money, or glory for that matter. How can he be in it for praise if nobody knows who the hell he is?

    As you can see here.

    As far as claiming him to be a criminal? For him to be a 'criminal' there needs to be a victim. Given the fact that WBC blindly denied they were even being attacked and jihadists are not exactly in a position to file a complaint about this guy 'attacking their terror website', I think that in itself speaks volumes, and his targets are indeed valid.

    This video just came up on YouTube a couple hours ago and I have to say, I agree.

    So Alan Kurtz (above) - what exactly is your point? You are just another of the trolls that everyone who knows of Jester has come to disregard, just as he does.

    I hope this thread can get back to some level of intelligence as I am writing a paper on some of the aspects approached here.

    I guess you can say I support the guy.

  32. "Jester that is you above, I know your writing when I read it borrow a word from Wikileaks u r transparent. Funny you sign it anonymous......"

    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. As per usual with you clueless script kiddies and naive leftist indoctrinated fools. I'm just a supporter.

    You are not anonymous, you are not legion, and you will forget that which you never knew to begin with.

    You are property of FSB/SBU/KGB (they own your servers and infest your membership), dupes of the Muslim Brotherhood (who profit from your terminal stupidity), and witless accomplices of VEVAK. Anonymous and Wikileaks were socially engineered from the inside out, long before the term ever became a meme.

    Euro's lecturing Americans about empire and colonialism? Pot, kettle, black.

  33. The Constitution of the United States of America is a restraint on its governments not on the actions of individual citizens. The government cannot restrict your freedom of expression, whether it be in thought, speech, conscience or art.

    As was rightly pointed out, you cannot yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater. You have the right to do so but your fellow citizens may justifiably sue you for the panic and injuries sustained as people stampede to the exits.

    The actions of th3j35t3r and Anonymous are individual actions, subject to law. Their acts are those of civil disobedience. They know the law and choose to violate those law, knowing full well what the consequences may be if caught.

    In th3j35t3r's case, he's attacking sites owned by people who would have no qualms whatsoever about using force against his person. And right now, the lawyers at the hatebait operation are looking for him. They have every incentive to look for him. He cost them time, money, energy and interfered with their money-grubbing scam. They want Anonymous' people too.

    I commend th3j35t3r taking them out for a time. The Internet was nicer place without hatebating scam sites up. And I look at them as exactly representative of the murderous, hateful heart of Christianity. They're perfect Christians, as the history of the religion so aptly shows.

    Moderate Muslims point to the jihadists and say, "That's not what Islam is about." But the words are in the book, and the jihadists are taking them to heart 100%. But those in F***ed-Up Freddy's little cult believe what they say 100%. They're the epitome of Christianity at its finest.

    As I see it, th3j35ter became irritated with them for picketing soldiers' funerals with their hatebait. While it's not illegal to do so (so says the SCOUS), it is tacky, hurtful, nasty, despicable--the diametric opposite of compassion. And well in keeping with the history of the religious institution--a history of torture, greed, murder, oppression.

    In my opinion, fundamentalist Christianity is as big a threat to the freedoms and rights of Americans as is the jihadist threat from Islam. Today in the US, fundamentalists are working tirelessly to establish a theocracy in the US. And when they succeed, welcome to the new Dark Ages--a time of stagnation and iron-fisted control of thought and morality.

    I wonder if th3j35t3r's motives weren't just irritation but he perceives the hatebaiting lawyer mob hiding behind religion and religion itself as a real and present threat. He seems smart enough when it comes to strategy and tactics to see it.

    This piece is nothing more than inflammatory twaddle and demonstrates the author's ignorance of what a constitution is and is supposed to do--right up there with Dumbya's sorry attempt to use the Constitution to deprive people of their rights.

    I'll end with this: I'm all for people having and practicing whatever faith gives them succor. When they try to use government power to impose their views and morality on me, I'll fight them to my dying breath. They'll try to sell me the snake oil they're doing it for my own good and salvation. Nonetheless, I'll fight them with whatever means I have. I'm tired of the followers of Bronze Age superstitions trying to tell me how to run my life. I'll be damned if I let them seize real power to impose their will upon me.

  34. I hope everyone will note that the clown who attacked me above, signing his comment "Jeff Barea," is just another fictitious Anonymous nonentity. When I affix my name and include a hyperlink, as in this post and all of my others, the link actually works; it opens an honest-to-god web page.

    That's in contrast to "Jeff Barea," whose link produces only a "Server not found" error message. Who do these Anonymous adolescents think they're fooling? Time to grow up, kiddies, and stop acting like your pimply pubescent hero The Jester.

  35. Your original point, in all of its moral ambition, seems to really imply that the internet is a basic human right, as it embodies free speech. Is that really the case?

  36. Since all the j3st3r's targets are extreme religulous sites, WBC, jihadist etc. They are not granted the same free speech rights as human beings. The US constitution forbids the gov't from getting involved defending any religious organization. Therefore, these are victimless crimes... and its actually a stretch to call them crimes to begin with. Let's not forget the vigilante spirit is the seed the US grew from to begin with. I applaud his efforts, and you, Sam Browne, I spit in your general direction.

  37. I can't understand why you even mention th3j35t3r and anon in the same blog. Breaking the law? Give me a break.
    You should dedicate a whole blog to the puppets, anonymous.

    #Annonymous- e-jihad= A bunch of kidz who are indirectly ruining whats left of our freedom of internet.
    As described in a ©magazine© I read recently, Anon- a ' person' releases some exploit code that's no longer required. They go on IRC,/i/nvasion, 4chan etc. and spread the word that an epic raid is about to go down. Random ppl slightly advanced in throwing scripts together then put these exploits or DDoS tools into easy-to-use point and click applications anybody can run, then flood the net calling for volunteers everywhere to help them in global e-jihad. A raid is born, a site is down, there is a media frenzy and the governments are smiling. 'Lets create another law…tighten the net!'
    Grow up kidz, can't ye see what ye are doing?

    #th3j35t3r- a witty, articulate person who takes upon a personal mission to temporarily disable fanatic organizations recruiting personnel or spreading hatred and propaganda. Whats the problem?
    Fun readz@

  38. Ha! Amazing how my previous comment about this piece being inflammatory twaddle was taken down. I thought these idiots were all for free speech.

    Learn what a Constitution is and to whom it applies before spouting off about rights. Here's a clue: Constitutions limit government, not the actions of citizens.

    th3j35t3r is acting as an individual.

    You toasted my last comment but notice I don't go running around screaming you've censored my free speech. Whoever did is a plain and simple idiot, much like the US' last Prezy-dent.

  39. I like burritos, too. :3~ Wanna have lunch?

  40. Two people contacted me on Twitter to say their comments here were deleted. But no one at this end is deleting them. I think there is some technical problem with the commenting system.

  41. I hope everyone will note that the joker who threatened me above, signing his comment "Jeff Barea," is just another fictitious Anonymous nonentity. When I affix my name and include a hyperlink, as in this post and all of my others, the link actually works; it opens an honest-to-god web page.

    That's in contrast to "Jeff Barea," whose link produces only a "Server not found" error. Who do these Anonymous adolescents think they're fooling? Time to grow up, kiddies, and stop acting like your pimply pubescent hero The Jester.

  42. Well said, God.

  43. Boy I sure wish I had some sopapillas right now.

  44. @Sam Bowne - Yeah. OK. That and $4.50 will get you shitty coffee at Starphucks.


  46. Although their methods may be illegal, personally I don't care. Places like the WBC need to be sent a message. His cause is good, and I hope he continues it.

  47. The intrawebz are borderless and therefore the American Constitution does not necessary apply when attacking sites outside of US....

    '#th3j35t3r- a witty, articulate person who takes upon a personal mission to temporarily disable fanatic organizations recruiting personnel or spreading hatred and propaganda. Whats the problem?'

    What's the seems there is a problem with enough homegrown hate to keep thejester busy, but it would be bad propaganda to have jester attacking theses groups, specifically other Americans ( with the exception of WBC no one gives a shit about those assholes). Plus the jester has agenda to fillfull, that is obvious. These groups present more of a threat in America at the present time then most foreign terrorist groups. And do not think for a second these homegrown Miltia/terrorist groups are not plotting, planning, and putting operations in to actions, we are just not told because the media is constantly under government control.

    Number of U.S. militia groups rises: report

    (Reuters) - The number of U.S. militia groups that oppose government expansion and conduct para-military training grew rapidly in 2010, an organization that monitors hate groups said on Wednesday.

    The number grew to 824 groups in 2010 from 512 the previous year, an increase of 61 percent, said the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which is based in Montgomery, Alabama.

    This page contains information The Rick A. Ross Institute has 
    gathered about Militias, Private Armies and Extremist Groups.

  48. All jester did was give Westboro Bapstist Church more undeserved attention, whether he did or didn't take them down. All Anon did for a  intraweb second was take down the site to tweek WBC for the lulz. 

    The jester may or may not be one person but what is evident is this persona is engaged in PsyOP, citizens of the Internet.
    Psychological Operations or PSYOP are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of organizations, groups, and individuals. Used in all aspects of war, it is a weapon whose effectiveness is 
    limited only by the ingenuity of the commander using it. Psychological Operations (PSYOP) or Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR) is simply learning everything about your target enemy, their beliefs, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. Once you know what motivates your target, you are ready to begin psychological operations.

    And jester's recent mistake was to allow those idiots from Backtrace on his irc chan thinking his manipulation in this would be a benefit. The most notable dumb-asses being one of his irc chan ops AnonymousDown and Jennifer Emick aka-Ashera former nutty wanna-be Anon who was never accepted by the moralfags of Anon on wwp because of her crazy NWO conspiracy theories about $cientology and wwp....anyways I digress.

    I must say between Anon, jester, WBC, Backtrace, FBLies raids, Bradley Manning, Barret Brown, and Kilgore Trowt (Billy) it makes for a great read/watch, never a dull moment. Bottom line is America lost both wars, jester and Wikileaks are just a diversion to what is really going on in this supposed cyberwar(fare) and how it relates to global politics. Nothing is what it seems. History is supposedly written not just by the winners but because of the intrawebz the losers too now. And truth is always the first casualty of war(fare).....

    In closing I will state this, men like jester and Aaron Barr are a dime a dozen, brainwashed into believing what they do is for god and country. All they will ever be are pawns to be manipulated (just like many in Anonymous and jester's supports).

    WAR is a racket. It always has been.

    It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.
    Major General Smedley D. Butler
    USMC, Retired

  49. mmmmmm sopapillas

  50. While I have alway found jester to be quite interesting and really can't imagine who would care enough to criticize his actions against jihadists and WBC; it is also so strange to see the reactionary tenor regarding Anonymous. Clearly, the group does not have the same focus or technique as the jester, and I am not quite sure they have a coherent ideology (though it is much easier when you are a single person--or so we assume). To believe that any act supporting Wikileaks is somehow in support of Russia and Iran is patently absurd; (1) they have far more material than just the military material, (2) the idea that there is an increased danger for soldiers has been debunked, (3) the materials they have released have been used for both leftist and neo-liberal causes a (4) they clearly don't simply represent the content released but also a specific model the dispersal of information. As someone relatively ignorant to the process of hacking, it is shocking to see people who work on such a formal level act in a completely ideological manner.

  51. Israel Shamir and son = Russian FSB. Where are Anonymous's IRC servers located? Russia, under FSB control.

    Every single time Anonymous targets Iran, the Iranian dissidents get exposed, rounded up, and mowed down.

    Debunked by whom, when, and where? Don't waste anybody's time with Glenn Greenwald sockpuppetry either. What about all the names of Iraqi and Afghan informers against al-Qaeda and the Taliban that were exposed and then publicly threatened by al-Qaeda and the Taliban? Is their safety irrelevant to you?

    Of course they (Wikileaks) don't represent the information, it was stolen and then given to them. The fence does not represent the stolen property in court either.

    The Baghdad Apache video was utterly mis-represented, edited beyond any form of the truth, and spun so as to present armed members of the Mahdi Army and their embedded journalist spotter team as heroes and the Apache crew who saved a visible US convoy from a Mahdi Army ambush as villains. That Wikileaks video was quickly proven to be a lie. Stolen information twisted to suit the enemy.

    Who benefited from Anonymous actions against Tunisia? Muslim Brotherhood.

    Who benefited from Anonymous actions against Egypt? Muslim Brotherhood.

    Who benefited from Anonymous actions against Libya? Qaddaffi, whose enemies exposed themselves to wholesale slaughter for no gain, and Muslim Brotherhood.

    Who benefits from Anonymous actions against Syria? It certainly isn't the Syrian people, is it?