Tuesday, April 12, 2011

IBM Faculty Summer Seminars

Hello Professors!

This summer, the IBM Academic Initiative System z program is pleased to offer you two faculty summer seminars:  Introduction to IBM Enterprise System and System z Workshop Series, both being held at IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY. These seminars are available to members of the Academic Initiative program who have an interest in large enterprise systems (either by teaching or preparing to teach courses related to mainframe technologies).  We are very excited about this summer's line-up!

These seminars will include a combination of lecture and lab exercises. In addition, we will provide tours and invite guest speakers from industry to offer a broader perspective of the enterprise computing community.  No prerequisites are required. You can choose to enroll in one or both seminars! Both seminars are offered at no cost, including the tours and events hosted by IBM. All you need to take care of is travel and lodging.

Information regarding the seminars, resources available, and more are available on our website:

Seminar #1: Introduction to IBM Enterprise Systems Monday, May 23 - Thursday, May 26th

Gain, or refresh, knowledge of the z environment, with hands-on experience.
RSVP by 5/2.

This seminar will be based on the IBM Redbook, An Introduction to the New
Mainframe: z/OS Basics. John Kettner, one of the original authors of the textbook, will teaching this seminar.

John Kettner has 37 years of MVS and z/OS experience. He is one of the original authors of the AI Textbook and has revised the publication over the past several years to include the latest z/OS and hardware updates. He has taught the Introduction  to z/OS course in Poughkeepsie from 2005 -
2007 to both customers and IBM internal staff members.  He is currently a System z Architect in the NY Metro area assisting various customers on mainframe z/OS requirements and workload initiatives. Prior to joining IBM, he ran Data Centers and System Programming Areas on Wall Street for 25 years. He is the author of zTidBits a mainframe world wide technical newsletter sponsored by the Institute for Data Center Professionals at Marist College. John contributes to various education programs throughout IBM.

Seminar #2: System z Workshop Series
Wednesday, June 15 - Thursday, June 16

 Learn about a variety of System z topics including modern application development with IBM Rational Developer, DB2 for z/OS and so much more.
RSVP by 5/25.

Tentative topics covered are the following:

  • Overview from RDz team
  • Hands-on experience with using RDz by completing the Master the Mainframe Contest Part 3 with the creator’s of the contest!
  •  Understanding how DB2 for z/OS differs from DB2 for LUW (linux, unix, windows)
  •  Configuration (understanding the ZPARMS)  Operations  Discussion and demonstration together with lab to include:
  •      SQL (DDL, DCL, DML &TCL)
  •      DB2 Utilities to load data into personal table
  •      COBOL DB2   API
  •      Using JCL procedure to precompile, link, bind and run COBOL accessing DB2 data source
  •      JAVA    JDBC API
  •      Using JCL procedure to compile and execute JAVA accessing DB2 data source
  •      Using z/OS unix shell prompt to compile and execute JAVA accessing DB2 data source
  Operation and administration responsibilities comes with fully authority of a z/OS from IIC Dallas
  Responsibilities that accompany z/OS from IIC Dallas explained and demonstrated.
  The critical operation and administrative responsibilities
  •      Using z/VM to IPL z/OS
  •      Using z/VM as z/OS console
  •      Using z/VM as locally attached terminal to z/OS
  •      z/OS Configuration
  •      z/OS RACF Security
  •      Starting and stopping critical subsystems
  •      Common problems and resolution to those common problems
**Note: Marist access can be used in addition to dedicated z/OS from IIC Dallas

And more...

- Receive tours of:
   -  IBM Poughkeepsie’s Green Data Center,
   -  Manufacturing floor
   -  Test floor
- Hear perspectives from industry speakers
- Network with z professionals and fellow educators
- Walk the world’s longest pedestrian bridge -Tour and dine at America’s premier culinary school, the Culinary Institute of America!

If you have any questions regarding any of the details, please contact Jennifer Ash (jrash@us.ibm.com).

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