Friday, June 12, 2015

CyberFed's Magnificent SEVEN

Just like a SPORT, cybersecurity training takes devotion and consistency. Cybersecurity Competitions are the training-grounds for the field of cybersecurity and many are available for middle schoolers... teenagers... and adults! CyberFed is a ONE-STOP-SHOP to learn of the multiple entry points and competition pathways available for you, me, them, everybody!

"You, me, them, everybody, everybody!"
Everybody Needs Somebody to Love,

                   - The Blues Brothers

Cybersecurity Competition Federation (CyberFed) is an umbrella organization that promotes ALL cybersecurity competitions so that EVERYONE is aware of the MULTIPLE pathways to ENTER the wonderful world of competitions.

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CyberFed's Magnificent SEVEN

Do you LOVE... Defcon, CyberLympics, CSAW, MITRE CTF, National Cyber League, Cyber Patriot and picoCTF?

So do WE!

Watch the video below and let Dr. Dan Manson and Dr. Jason Pittman entertain you.

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