Tuesday, June 9, 2015

CCC ICT Professional Development with Degreed.com

The ICT-Digital Media Sector Team has invested in an ‘organizational platform’ on Degreed.com that will allow us to share with each other preferred learning pathways utilizing web content, both free and paid.

We are inviting the larger community of MPICT to share in this initial experiment, knowing that we will be including educators and industry from throughout the western United States. We think this will add value to the shared and curated learning pathways.

In addition to their own professional development and sharing with peers, early users have found Degreed.com to be an incredible resource to identify valuable web content that they can share with their students.

From the website:

“Degreed is a community of college students, professionals, and lifelong learners dedicated to advancing their education. When you join Degreed, you get tools to help you track, organize, share, and validate everything you learn.  Degreed applies an algorithmic and normalized approach to track and measure your educational achievements including formal (e.g., degrees), informal (e.g., books read, conferences attended), and soon, experiential learning.

Degreed helps measure all learning - academic, professional, and informal. Degreed is the new answer to the question, ‘Tell me about your education.’”

You can join the ICT-DM Organization for the CCC’s at http://bit.ly/1HHz9LT. Take 15 minutes and start a new journey with us.

Check out the flier!

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