Friday, May 8, 2015


Cybersecurity Educators will gather at 3CS to stay current on the latest technologies, curricula, and more.

As the landscape of cybersecurity constantly changes, the Community College Cyber Summit (3CS) continues to revolutionize cybersecurity education within community colleges. Hundreds of cybersecurity educators will gather June 17th – 19th at 3CS in Las Vegas, Nevada to build a solid cybersecurity educational plan feeding into the demands of the workforce.

According to Continuum Managed Services, LLC “47% of U.S. adults had their personal information exposed by hackers in 2014.” That is nearly half of the adult population in the United States. This disturbing fact is not only concerning credit cards and credit scores; hackers have stolen information on retirement funds, military data and hospital functionality. Hackers can wreak havoc at any moment and the cybersecurity workforce needs to be prepared.

3CS is addressing the demands on the cybersecurity educational system by hosting a conference to address and come up with solutions to fill the cybersecurity workforce shortage. This forum allows educators to discuss the current state of affairs, update themselves on new technology and detection methods, and work together to create new curricula that meet the current academic need. Hands-on workshops, research opportunities, and more await interested educators and businesses willing to share their concerns and solutions. The summit is the quintessential roundtable, providing a location for leaders across the US to speak freely, brainstorm, and learn from one another.

3CS opens its doors to community college and university professors, decision-makers and cybersecurity teams in business. The wide-range of attendees will participate in the creation of a new “Blueprint for the Role of Community Colleges in Cybersecurity Education”, a living document to be updated annually at 3CS and then distributed to stakeholders all over the country.

About Community College Cyber Summit (3CS):
3CS is organized and produced by the National CyberWatch Center, National Resource Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA), CyberWatch West (CWW), Cyber Security Education Consortium (CSEC), Mid-Pacific Information and Communications Technologies Center (MPICT), Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections (BATEC) and Advanced Cyberforensics Education Consortium (ACE), all funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). EC-Council, EMC Corporation, (ISC)²®, and Jones & Bartlett Learning sponsor the conference. The outcomes of 3CS will leverage community college’s cybersecurity programs across the nation by introducing the latest and greatest of technologies, best practices, curricula, products and more.

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