Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Haden Land Keynote at 3CS

The Community College Cyber Summit (3CS)
is pleased to announce
Haden Land
as the conference keynote speaker.

Please join us at 3CS on June 17th-19th to hear Haden Land speak on...

Workforce Needs of the Future
Building Preparedness Across Whole-of-Society

The explosion of computing technology and the associated business demand require industry and academia leaders to keep up with the fast-paced world of change while also predicting what's coming next. This phenomenon has thrust technology professionals into the business limelight, opening new doors for both exciting business potential and increased risks. The unpredictable nature of today's global, political, economic and technological landscape provides both opportunity and challenge. Advancing and enabling innovation across the business landscape and ensuring our academia programs are aligned as well as ensuring protection from cyber security threat vectors is essential for global competitiveness.

Haden will examine global trends and key technologies for adaption science, big data, cyber security, mobility; and the associated implications on the future workforce.



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