Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2015 Winter ICT Educator Conference – Presentation Archives Available on YouTube

January 5-6, 2015, MPICT co-hosted its Winter ICT Educator Conference in San Francisco.

More than 250 registered to attend physically.  Others attended remotely by clicking on presentation titles on the agenda and program at the scheduled times.

Presentation archives have been converted and are available on MPICT’s YouTube channel.

Most Winter Conference presentations were recorded.  A few were not, due to technical issues or presenter choices.  Click on links to launch YouTube videos.  Some presentations fit multiple tracks.

There were four keynotes for all:

James Jones, MPICT Executive Director, and Steve Wright, CCC ICT/DM Sector Navigator
Brenda Wilkerson, Senior Manager, Computer Science & Information Technology Ed., Office of College and Career Success | Computer Science for All!
Howard Charney, Senior Vice President, Office of the Chairman and CEO, Cisco Systems
E. Clarke Porter, Founder and VP Pearson VUE
There were twelve presentations by industry representatives, sharing information and resources for improving ICT education:

·        What's New From CompTIA?
 There were 32 presentations by educators, sharing best practices:

·        ACM Competency Model of Core Learning Outcomes and Assessment for Associate-Degree Curriculum in IT
·        Building Blocks of Successful IT Education Programs
·        Creating IT Pathway through the Reinvention of the Curriculum Development Process
·        Developing Programs/Courses for Emerging Occupations

There were five presentations on improving diversity in ICT:
There were thirteen presentations focused on cybersecurity:
·        Cyber Security Instruction Using Virtual Environments – A Hands-On Session
·        Developing a Multi-function Security Course to Incorporate within Multiple Pathways
·        Introducing Security and Responsible Coding in Computing Courses
·        NICE Challenges Project (Part 1&2) - Using NICE Framework Based Challenges to Enhance Cybersecurity Education
There were at least 7 hands-on labs not covered above:
·        Creating/Using a Virtual Windows 8.1 System
·        Developing Your First Cloud Foundry App
·        Exploit Development - 1
·        Introduction to Jquery Mobile
·        Using Intel XDK to Build Mobile Apps
·        Violent Python
·        Wireshark Network Protocol Labs for Netlab and ICT Certification Classes
Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this a resounding success!
Please continue to communicate and work with each other!

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