Friday, January 16, 2015

Help Get CETF's Internet for All Message Heard During the State of the Union Address!

California Emerging Technology Fund

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We couldn’t be more excited for this year’s State of the Union Address next week. President Obama will announce steps in the State of the Union to help more Americans, in more households around the country, get access to fast and affordable broadband. As we look forward to 2015, we remain committed to the millions of Americans without affordable Internet access.

The President gave us a preview of his vision for #BetterBroadband access. Join us on January 20th to be sure that the FCC is aware that the public is with the President in wanting affordable Internet.

We are using Thunderclap to make our message louder. Click Here to join the Thunderclap and you will see our message:

#FCC It's time for #BetterBroadband that includes affordable Internet at home for low-income communities now.

Right now you’re probably asking yourself - what is a Thunderclap? It’s a web application that allows people to authorize a specific Tweet and/or post to Facebook all on the same day - and at the exact same time - in order to maximize the effect. Think of this action as an online flash mob in support of affordable, cheap Internet access for all. By joining you will enable Thunderclap, on your behalf, to Tweet and post our message from your account between 4pm and 6pm PST, just prior to the State of the Union. It is possible with your support using Thunderclap to amplify our message so that it trends Tuesday evening.

During the sign-up process you will be asked to sign into your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. Thunderclap will not see your passwords and will use your information one time to send our message. You will not have worry about remembering when or what to Tweet or post on Facebook.

Currently, there are 80 million people across America without affordable high-speed Internet service at home. A quarter (a full 25%) of California’s population—9,580,000 people—are among those without access to essential web resources for finding a job, doing homework, applying to college, communicating with distant loved ones, or locating an affordable home.

Will you help us by participating in our Thunderclap on January 20th, enabling our message to be tweeted and posted by you and other supporters at the same time?

Thank you for your continued support, leadership and compassion.

Sunne Wright Peak
President and CEO
California Emerging Technology Fund

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