Wednesday, October 1, 2014

TechNet Applauds Gov. Brown for Signing Computer Science Bill, AB1764

Will encourage districts to expand Computer Science, STEM training across California

September 30, 2014  TechNet

Sacramento—TechNet, the bipartisan policy and political network of innovation economy CEOs and senior executives, today issued the following statement after Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) signed AB 1764 into law. AB 1764 is a TechNet-sponsored bill that encourages California school districts to expand computer science courses and training to more students.

Andrea Deveau, California Executive Director of TechNet, said: “Innovation is transforming California’s economy and creating a generation of jobs that require 21st century skills and training. While the demand for computer science graduates is stronger than ever, it continues to outpace the number of degrees earned. This is particularly true in California, where less than 10 percent of students have access to computer science education.”

“Only one Californian is qualified for every 20 open jobs in computer science because our universities are graduating a fraction of the number of people needed to meet the workforce demands in technology,” said Assemblymember Kristin Olsen (R-Modesto), an author of AB 1764. “This industry is in desperate need of a workforce that can help it continue to grow. We need to do everything we can to ensure that our kids are preparing for the jobs of the future.”

“Today, Governor Brown took a meaningful step to reverse this trend. This law will better prepare California students for a future that demands a proficiency in computer science and will help reduce the coming shortage of qualified workers. This measure can be a game changer for students, educators and employers, and serve as a national model for states seeking to develop and integrate computer science programs into school curriculum,” Deveau added.

AB 1764 allows school districts to award students credit for one mathematics course if they successfully complete one course in computer science approved by the University of California and/or the California State University as a “C” requirement. Such credit would only be offered in districts where the school district requires more than two courses in mathematics for graduation.

TechNet promotes similar legislation across the country and is focused on making computer science courses more accessible to students and more meaningful in high school graduation requirements. TechNet-supported measures have recently been enacted in Arizona (HB 2265) and Virginia (HB 1054).

Deveau added, “TechNet was proud to lead the charge on this historic education measure. On behalf of TechNet’s members, we want to thank Governor Brown and Assemblymembers Olsen and Buchanan for their leadership and commitment to education in California.”

About TechNet

TechNet is the national, bipartisan network of CEOs and senior executives that promotes the growth of the technology industry by building long-term relationships between technology leaders and policymakers and by advocating a targeted policy agenda at the federal and 50-state level. TechNet’s diverse membership includes dynamic startups to the most iconic companies on the planet and represents nearly two million employees in the fields of information technology, biotechnology, green tech, e-commerce, venture capital and finance. TechNet has offices in Washington, D.C., Silicon Valley, Sacramento, Seattle, Boston and Austin.

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