Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2015 Winter ICT Educator Conference, Jan 5-6, 2015 in San Francisco

You are invited to attend and present at the: 

Baker Beach By Brocken Inaglory (Own work) CC-BY-SA-3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

This 7th annual conference features excellent presentations from representatives of ICT industry and education.  Let's gather and share high quality information, resources and practices to improve ICT education and prepare people to prosper as part of the rapidly growing ICT workforce!

Community college ICT educators and ICT industry and employer representatives are invited to attend free, and to submit a presentation proposal.  Qualified faculty may be eligible to receive limited travel support.

When and Where:

Monday and Tuesday, January 5-6, 2015 at the City College of San Francisco Chinatown/North Beach Campus, starting 8:30 each morning, finishing around 7pm Monday and 3pm on Tuesday.


Register online If you register and later determine that you will not attend, please let us know, so we can free limited conference space for others.

Call For Presentations and Demonstrations:

You are invited to submit a presentation or demonstration proposal for the conference in the areas of:
  • Industry contributions to ICT education and ICT certifications
  • ICT educator/education best or high quality practices
  • ICT education and workforce diversification efforts
  • National and regional resources for ICT educators
  • Panel presentations:   Voices from the field (employers and employees) 
Proposed presentations should be one or two 45-minute segments, and we encourage interactive, hands-on or lab elements. Please register and submit your presentation proposalby 5:00 PM PST, November 17, 2014.  Presenters selected will be notified by November 20, 2014.
For presenters who give permission, your presentation will be made available in real time for remote attendees via the Internet, and sessions will be archived and made available after the event.  This greatly expands the impact of presentations, beyond those physically present in the room to a broad audience anywhere at any time.  Presentations from last year's Winter Conference are available as CCC Confer archives by clicking links on last year's program.  Most are also available on the MPICT YouTube channel.  
(Perkins) Professional Development Funding:

Because of challenges to the sustainability of this event, and to allow as many as possible to attend with limited event funding, we request all faculty to first pursue funding to attend this high quality professional development event with Perkins or other funding available through your college.  The process for professional development funding is different at most colleges.  Contact your local Career Technical Education (CTE) Coordinator and ask about use of Perkins or other funds to support your travel.
Travel Assistance:

MPICT will provide to qualified community college faculty teaching ICT related subjects in MPICT Region (CA, NV, HI and Pacific Territories), on a first-come, first-served basis, until funds are exhausted: 
  • a $50 stipend for ICT educators whose community college is within 70 miles of San Francisco,
  • a $100 stipend and 2 paid hotel nights* to ICT educators whose college is 71 to 250 miles from San Francisco,
  • a $250 stipend and 2 paid hotel nights* to ICT educators whose college is 251 to 750 miles from San Francisco,
  • a $1,000 stipend and 2 paid hotel nights* to ICT educators whose college is more than 750 miles from San Francisco (Hawaii and the Pacific Territories),
* Hotel must be booked at the conference hotel and paid directly by MPICT on a master bill.  Room sharing increases the people MPICT can support to attend, and is encouraged.). 

Limited travel support for qualified ICT educators whose community college is outside the MPICT region is also available through ATE Center Co-Producers.  Check with those centers directly for their support requirements.

If you have questions, please contact MPICT via email or at (415) 239-3600.

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