Monday, September 8, 2014

LICI Releases Study on Improving Diversity Within ICT Workforce in California

Information and communication technologies (ICT) is the umbrella term that encompasses everything related to computing, software, information, networking and communication technologies. ICT is rapidly becoming a driving force behind California's economy, daily lives and business endeavors.  

Based on interviews with industry representatives as well as available literature, the Latino Institute for Corporate Inclusion (LICI), in partnership with AT&T, has released a study aimed at improving ICT educational pathways and career preparation for African-American and Latinos in California. The
study should prove valuable for California's employers, as they plan for a future workforce, develop potential partnerships with educational institutions and consider their approaches to education and training in the ICT sector. The study focuses on entry and middle-level ICT careers with an interest in increasing diversity and highlighting potential pathways of growth. The study also explores key factors that can increase access and success of Latinos and African Americans in ICT fields, including career knowledge, applied learning, structured programs and navigation support.  

The study was done in collaboration with The Career Ladders Project.  

LICI is currently working with The Career Ladders Project and other partners to organize a statewide "ICT Call to Action" collaborative effort that will bring academia, government and the private sector together to address the tremendous need for the inclusion of well trained and qualified Latinos and African Americans into California's ICT workforce. 

For more information and to download LICI's study, click here

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