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Community College Cyber Summit (3CS) 


Hosted by the College of Southern Nevada and in collaboration with The Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education (CISSE), the 2nd annual 3CS will be in LAS VEGAS in JUNE 2015! 

 Stay tuned…

The date & more information is soon to follow. 

The National Cyber League’s

registration closes 9/20! ACT NOW. 

Prepare your students with the life skills they need to be successful in their cybersecurity careers!

* Competition puzzles aligned with EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker and CompTIA’s Security+ certification exams

* Scouting report allows you to validate your students’ skills in 7 competency areas:

    1. Open Source Intelligence
    2. Network Traffic Analysis
    3. Scanning and Reconnaissance
    4. Wireless Access Exploitation
    5. Password Cracking
    6. Web Application Exploitation
    7. Enumeration and Exploitation

*Syllabi and instructor resources available

Encourage your students to


Looking for a webinar on SECURITY CLEARANCES?

Why lucky you… we have what you need!

Hosted by The National CyberWatch Center on September 26th at 11a.m. EST, this ONE hour webinar will discuss:

*  What’s new?

*  What is most important to know?

*  What can YOU do to prepare YOUR students?

Prepare to laugh… the examples are ALWAYS entertaining!!


 Attention fellow ATE Centers, please forward this news to your membership... they would like to
Read All About It!

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