Wednesday, August 6, 2014

TestOut LabSim: Free Access for Instructors

Do you need better tools and up-to-date course content to prepare your students for industry certifications? Meet TestOut's LabSim courseware.
LabSim has helped IT instructors increase student pass rates in thousands of schools. Could it do the same for you? Request free instructor access and try any of the courses below for yourself.
LabSim gives your students the experience they need with hands-on simulations and videos, and empowers you to:
  • Measure student progress and course outcomes
  • Build and administer advanced custom exams
  • Eliminate or reduce the costs of running a physical lab
  • Run a traditional, hybrid, or online program
Request free instructor access now and start seeing what LabSim can do for you and your students.
PC Pro  |   Network Pro  |   Security Pro  |   Windows Server Pro  |   Windows Client Pro  |   Linux+  |   CCNA

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