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IWITTS Deal of the Month: STEM Resources Bibliography & Women in Technology Outreach Kit Package

Get a combo-package of instantly downloadable tools to make a powerful difference in increasing the number of female students in your STEM programs!

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The Women in Technology Outreach Kit will help you recruit more women and girls to your STEM programs with fill-in-the-blank templates for proven outreach materials.
The STEM Resources Bibliography will help you find the female role models that will make your outreach materials irresistible! Plus, the Bibliography includes classroom activities that will appeal to female learning styles, free videos of female role models, and much more.
Together, this powerful combination of downloadable tools will help you recruit women and girls to your STEM classes, and keep them engaged throughout their STEM programs!

Don Levine
"For a long time, we heard from educators, 'Well, we can't find any girls who WANT to be welders'- but now, there's an increased perception that supporting female students in male-dominated careers is a much bigger deal, and there are resources available that can give all students a better ability to explore and pursue their interests. IWITTS materials like the STEM bibliography and Outreach Kit are a huge part of the resources we can offer to districts to help them serve their students. It's not just about Perkins compliance anymore."
~ Don Levine, CTE Education Specialist, Alaska Department of Education and Early Development
About the STEM Resources for Instructors to Help Women and Girls: Annotated Bibliography
STEMIt's not that easy to find off-the-shelf materials for recruiting and retaining women and girls in STEM, especially free resources. As a busy educator, you just don't have the time to spend hours doing internet research on classroom activities that will appeal to female learning styles, or on identifying female role models and associations.

That's why we created a bibliography that does this research for you. The best part is it's a downloadable book with clickable hotlinks that bring you directly to the websites for these primarily free resources.
The STEM Bibliography includes links to:
  • Free videos with female role models in trades, technology and science careers
  • Online resources for finding female role models and e-mentors
  • Sample curriculum and tools for teaching to female learning styles
  • Websites designed for girls and women interested in trades and technology
  • Out-of-school and summer programs for girls in STEM
  • Online communities for girls, women and educators in STEM
  • How to find gender-segregated occupational data in your state
Sample Entries:
Each entry in the bibliography includes a link to the online resource, a quick summary of what you'll find if you follow the link, and helpful categories such as school level, program area, and audience.
Bibliography Table of Contents:

I. Engaging women and girls in STEM education
a. Recruitment and outreach collateral & posters
b. Websites to share with female students and the parents of girls
c. Retention resources for educators teaching women and girls
d. General tools and retention resources for STEM educators
II. Finding female role models in trades, technology & science
a. Women's national and state associations
b. Videos of female role models
III. Social media online communities
a. Online communities for women
b. Online communities for girls
c. Online communities for educators
IV. Out-of-School and summer STEM programs for girls
V. Career support for women in trades, technology & science
a. Websites with career information for women
b. Education, labor market, and salary statistics

About the Women in Technology Outreach Kit
It isn't easy to develop outreach materials to recruit women to STEM! To help you we have developed these easy to use templates for a Women in STEM brochure for your program, a recruitment presentation, a flyer that describes your program and has a picture of a female role model, and a Women in STEM section of your school's website.
information from your school's programs and then we've done the work for you! Plus, you receive immediate delivery when you order this downloadable product.

What you get with the Women in Technology Outreach Kit and Online Strategy Guide:

The Women in Technology
Outreach Kit includes
templates and samples such as:
Recruitment flyer template:
Brochure template:
PowerPoint template:
PowerPoint Presentation Template  
All products and strategies are based on best practices from the eight colleges in the successful NSF-funded CalWomenTech Project.
  • Female Role Model Questionnaire: Learn exactly what to ask role models to develop an outstanding biography or video interview that will excite and engage female students in STEM.

  • Role Model Photo and Quote Guidelines: Learn how to obtain an inspirational quote and photo from female role models.

  • Program Information Worksheet: We've identified for you what females students are looking for when they choose a program. Give them the information they need to decide to pursue your STEM classes!

  • Web Page Guides and templates: Websites are now the number one place that students look for information about their college choices. Encourage female students to consider your program with a Women in STEM website section, or incorporate the information into your school's existing web page.
Outreach Kit Includes: 
  • Customizable Templates and Samples: 1) Recruiting Women to STEM Brochure, 2) Tear-Off Flyer with program contact information, and 3) Women in STEM Career Event Flyer.

  • Women in STEM Recruitment PowerPoint presentation: Use the slide templates and samples to create a recruitment presentation that will encourage female students to enroll in your
    STEM program.

  • Sample Recruitment Email: See an example of a recruitment email that was effective for another STEM program.

  • Templates in Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint: All templates include instructions that are easy to follow -- even for beginners!

Download for your whole school or district:

The Bibliography and Outreach Kit Package could be helpful for every science, technology, engineering, and trades educator in your school, or even in your district or region. Save significantly over ordering individual licenses when you order a: 1) School Wide/Institutional License; 2) Regional/School District License; or 3) State-Level License (contact us for a State-Level License). Simply choose which license you prefer during check out. if you are interested in a state-wide license.

Find out more about providing the Bibliography and Outreach Kit Package to your school, region or state 

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