Monday, May 5, 2014

Cisco CCNA Bootcamp Online Class

Final Prep for Cisco ICDN1 / ICDN2 / CCNA certification test
June 16 - July 25 CNT72 Section DE1 CRN 10226
Las Positas College

This 6 week online class prepares candidates for the current CCNA test. It concentrates on assessing strengths/weaknesses and using proven test prep methodologies to do final preparation for students who’ve completed the Cisco Academy curriculum or have similar industry experience.

Each week students will assess their readiness in specific areas and execute a plan to improve speed and accuracy in the tasks most important to the cert test, to ensure both the time to complete the test and the best possible score. Areas of concentration include subnets / IP addressing IPv4,6, wildcard bitmasks, ACLs, routing, switching, troubleshooting - aiming for all tasks that take time, and require speed and accuracy of completion.

There's a number of reasons the author of Cisco's Certification Prep Guide, Wendell Odom, wrote the article "Why is Passing CCNA so Difficult?"

We intend to address them, and more, by assessing and remediating each student's individual needs for increased speed and accuracy on the CCNA - both ICDN1 and 2; A ‘PX90’ for Cisco, mixing skill building drills with Leitner Method-based study.

The class is taught by a veteran Cisco instructor with many years of teaching CCNA and taking and passing Cisco exams, and preparing others to do the same. Register right away to ensure a place.

For more information contact the instructor at

Best regards,

John Gonder
Las Positas College
Cisco Networking Academy Director

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