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APRIL 2014


NCC Research Team - Conducting Research on Competency Driven Simulation Design
The National CyberWatch Center Research team, in collaboration with the National Cyber League (NCL) Education Committee and the Cybersecurity Competition Federation, is mapping the NCL competition structure (competition events, iSIGHT Partners' Puzzle Graveyard, and the Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA)-developed Security+ and Certified Ethical Hacking lab exercises) to the National Board of Information Security Examiners (NBISE) Security Testing Job Performance Model.

CyberWatch researchers, Dr. David Tobey, Dr. Portia Pusey, and Dr. Diana Burley, will highlight the process and outcomes of the job performance mapping for designing, scoring, comparing, and evaluating cybersecurity competitions; present lessons learned and discuss how to apply the mapping process to other competitions at the 2014 Community College Cyber Summit (3CS),July 21-22 in Chicago.

The session will highlight their ongoing work to investigate the alignment of cybersecurity competition skills with real world job requirements. In addition, it will provide insight intended to inform improvements to professional skill development activities based on simulation and game-based learning.

9th Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition
Each year, the competition involves a compelling scenario meant to represent the non-cyber impacts resulting from cyber-attacks (e.g. electric power, health care, electronic voting). A scenario-based competition provides participants context and focus for their actions and allows prioritization of their efforts within the structure of a controlled environment and scoring rubric. Learn More.

K-12 Division News
The National CyberWatch Center K-12 Division continues to expand its programs to meet the growing demands of the education, government, and business communities. Leveraging National Science Foundation (NSF) funding, and working in partnership with the University of Maryland College Park. Learn More

Community College Cyber Summit (3CS)
Tired of TYPICAL Conferences?

Well, if COMMUNITY COLLEGE and CYBERSECURITY EDUCATION represent your area of interest, then we know just what you need... Learn More

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