Thursday, January 9, 2014

WomenTech Educators Online Recruitment and Retention Training

Hi, it's Donna here. 

Many schools, community colleges in particular, don't have online campaigns to recruit female students to their STEM programs. Some are still using traditional outreach methods that may no longer be effective. Studies show that most students find information about colleges online, so not using online tools and social media is a real missed opportunity to reach female students where they are.

You may be wondering, what should your first steps be in developing an online campaign to recruit female students? Can you do it alone, or will you need help from others in your school? What are the messages that will get female students interested in your programs?

You can get all of your questions answered in our WomenTech Educators Online Recruitment and Retention Training. When you participate in the training, you'll develop an easy-to-implement recruitment plan to increase the number of women and girls in your STEM classrooms, and a retention plan to increase the completion rate of your female (and male students), starting next semester. Plus, you'll have the knowledge and confidence you need to put your plans into action, right away.

Find out more about the Online Training

The online training starts on Monday February 17. Here are all of the important details you need to know:
Time period: 5 weeks for recruitment training (Feb 17-Mar 21), followed by 5 weeks for retention training (Mar 24-Apr 25). 
Hours required: 1-2 hours per week, including developing YOUR recruitment and retention plans.
Training format: Presentations, handouts and exercises online, available to watch and complete at your convenience each week. 

Live question and answer training calls in Weeks 5 and 10.
Exclusive online learning community to connect with other training participants and receive supplementary content. 

Archives: All calls and sessions recorded.

Attend the Training in a Team

The more people that you can get involved in this campaign, the more lasting change you're going to have. Yes, one teacher on their own can get more women in the classroom, but the schools that have been the most effective and had lasting institutional change have had more people involved. Teams should have between 4-8 members. Your team will be the most effective if it includes a variety of stakeholders from your college dedicated to increasing the number of female students in your STEM program. You can learn more about how to attend as a team on the training webpage.

Sign up now for the online training

I'm excited to be starting the training and I look forward to seeing you there!


Donna Milgram

Executive Director - Institute for Women in Trades, Technology and Science

Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science (National IWITTS) | 1150 Ballena Blvd. | Suite 102 | Alameda | CA | 94501

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