Monday, January 20, 2014

LearnStreet Java Course and Teaching Resources Opportunity

Some of you may remember LearnStreet from our talk at San Francisco City College in June of 2013. To remind you, LearnStreet is an online education startup focused on teaching people across the globe in-demand coding skills to become more employable.

Since we launched our teacher offerings, we've had thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of their students around the world sign on to LearnStreet to learn how to code.

We just launched our first Java course and would love to get feedback specifically from community colleges. Our new course is in partnership with the best selling book, Java For Dummies, 5th edition, by Barry Burd and contains content from the book including brand new videos, animated gifs and interactive practice exercises to help reinforce what is taught in the course. You can see some info here:

While the course costs $40 (or $50 with e-book) for consumers, we are offering discounted multi-seat licenses for teachers and students, and in the interest of getting some feedback quickly, we can be flexible on the price. Any potential price concerns aside, do you see this course as something that could be valuable to your students? If you do, please email me at for next steps.


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