Monday, January 20, 2014

California SB1402 Grant Info


  • The Industry Driven Regional Collaborative Request for Applications will go out competitive as of March 2014.
  • The pot of funding is limited to $620,000.
  • Since the Senate Bill states that funding shall not be limited per project, but shall be based on the merit and reasonable cost for the anticipated outcomes and performance of the project. It is anticipated that only one or two grants will be funded.
  • These grants are for a single year only.
  • The Senate Bill states that The Chancellor, in awarding short-term competitive funds, shall take into account colleges in economically distressed areas, and so the RFA will specify a limited amount of counties that can apply. (Many of the NFN colleges fall into this category)
Paul Barth
Statewide Lead - Perkins I B Leadership Grants
Project Monitor: Bay Area Region,
Monitor-Information & Communication Technologies Sector
Division of Workforce and Economic Development
Policy Alignment and Outreach Unit
California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office
1102 Q Street, Suite 4554
Sacramento, CA 95811 - 6539

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