Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CA Career Briefs: Find an Internship

CA Career Briefs

“Nothing ever becomes real 'til it is experienced.”

              - John Keats, Poet

Find an Internship

Did you know?

In the NACE Job Outlook Survey 2013 employers continue to express a strong preference for job candidates who had completed at least one internship. Because employers have fewer hiring opportunities and a larger pool of candidates, they often rely on internship evaluations to make hiring decisions. Internships benefit both students and employers. They help students transfer the skills they are learning in the classroom to the workplace, gain real-world experiences, make industry connections and perhaps even land a job. Internships allow employers to “try out” potential employees. Nudge students toward internship opportunities by showing them the power of planning for one.

Try this…
Ask them…

What is an internship?

Why are internships important to students?

What qualities do employers want in their interns?

View video.
Distribute Student Activity, review the directions and complete.
Have students explain their internship vision to another classmate.
List next steps on how students can turn their internship vision into reality.
Add an Experience!

Connect with local Professional Associations related to your discipline and identify internship opportunities to share with your students. Encourage students to visit CaCareerCafe.com and do the Internships lesson… they’ll find it in the Experience section.

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