Tuesday, October 22, 2013

California $19m in SB-1070 CTE Pathways Grants Available

Release of $19M in SB-1070 Career Technical Education (CTE)
Pathways Program Grants
The Chancellor’s Office is pleased to announce theRequest for Application (RFA) of $19M in SB-1070 CTE Pathways Program Grants consistent with the Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy framework.

The primary objective of this RFA is for consortia within regions to develop and implement sustainable policies and infrastructure that result in the measurable and successful transition of CTE students from high schools to postsecondary education and careers. Consortia will be required to identify and leverage existing regional resources, leadership, and investments.
CTE Pathways Initiative
“We know that SB-1070 funds will diminish by 50% and go to zero in the outyears, therefore, sustainability was a key imperative in how these monies need to be used,” explains Van Ton-Quinlivan, Vice Chancellor of Workforce and Economic Development, of the Chancellor’s Office. “Past experience and research has shown the way for how to increase student access and success. We seek to bring forth more of those practices through this grant.”

The purpose of the SB-1070 bill is to engage K-16 in improving linkages, increasing readiness of secondary students for postsecondary education, and increasing student success and training in postsecondary education by developing career technical education pathways between high schools and community colleges. Previously known as SB-70, and now known as SB-1070, the Career Technical Education Pathways Program was extended until June 30, 2015.