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CodeNow Launches Fall Trainings in the Bay Area. Now Accepting Applications!

Sep 5 2013 | Blog. CODENOW
Video games, Facebook, and iPhones — what do these three things have in common? They were all built by people who learned how to code. Computer programming is a fun and exciting skill! All it takes is a little help to get started, and that’s what we’re here for. CodeNow […]
  • Every month, the economy adds 9,600 technology jobs.
  • But in the tech sector, 22% are Women.
  • And only 5% are Latinos and African-Americans.

Coding is the new literacy.
Every month, the tech industry adds about 9,600 jobs to the U.S. economy. By 2018, it will have added another 1.2 million new jobs, boasting an average salary of $78,000.
Women and minorities are underrepresented in the tech sector. For example, women make up just 22% of the computing workforce, and Latino and African-American workers each make up less than 5%.
It is no coincidence that of all STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), computer science is the only high school subject to have seen a drop in participation since 1990. This has been a loss to our youth, and to a booming tech industry starved for talent.
CodeNow believes this imbalance is growing not from lack of interest but from a lack of access to computer programming. Today’s opportunity gap is less about the technology itself and more about acquiring the technical skills which are fueling a 21st century economy. If our youth fall behind, they will be increasingly exposed to the uncertainty of yesterday’s jobs.
Coding is for everyone.
CodeNow is a nonprofit serving youth in New York City and Washington D.C. In the Fall of 2013 we are expanding to San Francisco. We provide free out-of-school training in computer programming to high schoolers. Our students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch at school. More than 40% are young women. We encourage collaboration among our students as they develop their programming skills. This is fundamental to their success.
Our approach is based on:
Inclusion: Supporting a diverse group of high schoolers as they confront the challenges of computer programming
Quality of instruction: Making code exciting and accessible with the help of our talented and experienced trainers. We believe learning to program should be fun and engaging.
Project-based learning: Having students build projects and setting specific goals while encouraging students to achieve their own high expectations.
To learn more about our program click here.
Let’s hear it for graduates, laptops awarded and hours of instruction!
  • 106
  • 106
  • 10600

Inspiring the creators of tomorrow.
Since launching in 2011, CodeNow has provided more than 10,600 hours of free training and awarded 106 laptops to its students. This serves as a tool for crafting new skills, but also instills a unique sense of value and accomplishment. Students who graduate from CodeNow see the inner workings of technology, innovating and re-innovating with ease and confidence!
Of our high schoolers:
  • More than forty percent are girls.
  • Every student can build a Twitter app or an encryption engine in Ruby.
  • One-third of graduating DC seniors in have gone on to study computer science in college.
This year, students in our Summer Fellowship will learn advanced computer programming over the course of six weeks. Hosted at several influential tech companies, they receive a full-time stipend while experiencing the daily lifestyle of a programmer firsthand.
Apply to CodeNow.
We are always looking for passionate students and volunteers to join CodeNow with drive and excitement!
Calling all students interested in technology! Ever wonder what’s behind Twitter or Facebook, or the apps on your cell phone? CodeNow makes programming fun from the very basics to more advanced code. Work with experienced programmers and students your age, solving tough problems through hands-on code. If you are eager to look under the hood of technology, apply now!
Ready to train the next generation of innovative programmers? If you’re excited about sharing your talents and passion with highly motivated high schoolers in your city, join us! This is a unique opportunity to draw on your expertise to give back to the community. We are looking for programmers with experience in Ruby. Sign-up today!
Are you a tech company that wants to inspire the next generation of computer programmers? We feel it’s important to take students out of their normal learning environment and inspire to them to take an interest in programming. This is why we partner with tech companies to host our trainings. Is your company interested in being a host for a training? Tell us about your company here!
CodeNow is a non-profit focused on making an impact in the lives of our students. Programming is the ultimate equalizer! Age, race, gender, background or where you went to school doesn’t matter. Your code speaks for itself. Our program brings these in-demand skills to kids who crave the opportunity to do more, to do better, and to build a brighter future.
Donate today to help create the next pioneers in technology! Click here.

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