Monday, August 12, 2013

President Barack Obama Recognizes DVC and DVC Student for Winning the USCC National Cyber Competition

 Doug Spindler’s CNT student Jason Reinstedler just won the USCC National Cyber competition. Just to put this into perspective winning the USCC National Cyber competition is winning the “Super Bowl” or “World Series” of cyber security competitions.

Jason on Right

Jason winnings include a trophy, $1,000, a letter of recognition signed by President Barack Obama, paid tuition for the CISSP exam, and job interviews with federal and state agencies and with industry. Jason and Doug have already been congratulated by representatives from the White House, Department of Homeland Security, the F.B.I. and other event sponsors.

Jason was just one member of Team DVC, which Doug Spindler formed from members of the Bits “N” Bytes computer club. Team DVC competed against teams from two and four year colleges and universities nationwide, as well as a team from South Korea. Doug’s DVC team was also recognized for comprising the most diverse membership compared to all other teams.

Students are already contacting Doug asking to register for his CNT classes in order to prepare for next years’ completion.

The White House and USCC are preparing a press release regarding Jason’s win and Doug’s efforts to prepare DVC students for the competition.

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