Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SharkFest tracewrangler Tool

At the recent SharkFest conf a TCP guru, Jasper Bongertz, released a free
utility, tracewrangler, to automate anonymising IP addresses and other
info in trace files so you can use them safely.

Select, run, done - works great, less filling.

Add more trace files to your classes to illustrate app and network
operations without giving anything else away.

Unlike other UTs, this works with pcapng files. If you're not familiar
with the new gen pcapng format - this allows you to add comments to
packets. I now use it for assignments - students identify, comment on, the
important packets, export out /only/ those few packets, then send the very
short file to me.

Enjoy -

Best regards,
John Gonder
Las Positas College Cisco Networking Academy
Computer Networking Technologies

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