Thursday, June 27, 2013 Update

It's 4 months since our launch. Thanks to your sharing & tweeting, 3.5
million kids tried learning to code online, 12,000 schools asked our help to teach computer science,
and 25,000 software engineers volunteered too! We've
connected thousands of schools with opportunities and helped set up hundreds of classes.

How else can you help?

1- Earlier today, responding to your voices, a bi-partisan group
of U.S. Congressmen introduced the Computer Science Education Act. Learn more and spread the word.

2- If you're a parent or student, see our map of local summer-camps & work-shops. Consider enrolling this summer.

3- We're working on a bold plan to bring Computer Science to
thousands of schools. If you can, please consider a generous donation.


Hadi Partovi, founder,

P.S. if you have feedback for us, feel free to submit ideas at our uservoice forum.

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