Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review California CIS and Computer Skills Articulation Templates

As you may recall, Discipline Work Groups(DWG) were convened in late Fall to create articulation templates for courses included in the Programs of Study in several CTE areas.  The  DWG session was excellent; faculty from high school and community college were able to come together, work collaboratively, and create templates in your field of study!  These templates are now ready for your review and feedback.

In order to view the templates and provide your feedback, please visit the appropriate link below:
During the survey, you will be asked questions regarding each component of the template, your honest feedback is necessary to ensure a document that will serve the needs of the academic community in this discipline.  

Please forward this email to your colleagues to obtain their feedback as well!   Survey responses must be received by March 1, to ensure that it is included in the final DWG report.


Since 2006, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges’ Project, Statewide Career Pathways: Creating School to College Articulation has provided an opportunity for high school/ROCP and college faculty from career technical education (CTE) disciplines to meet, collaborate and develop articulation templates and agreements with the potential of being used throughout the state.  To date, there are over 100 approved templates.  The templates provide a general overview of the content and structure of such classes offered throughout the state.  These templates are provided to you as an example and guide, to facilitate the process of creating local articulation agreements between high schools/ROCPs and community colleges, making it easier and faster for you, and providing a connection point between courses taught at colleges across the state. 

In addition to creating articulation templates, we have assembled an online database of articulation agreements that will be publicly accessible, as well as employing outreach strategies to encourage participation of students, parents and school/college personnel.  Please visit for more information,

* Per Title 5, students may only receive credit for articulated high school work upon completion of a credit by exam mechanism that ensures that the objectives of the community college course have been met. Completion of an articulated course in high school does not guarantee receipt of credit at the community college.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 916.445.4753, or via email.

Best Regards, 
Kris Costa

Articulation Liaison
Statewide Pathways Project

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