Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NPower: Will You Answer the Call?

nPower  Will You Answer the Call ?

The Community Corps has delivered over $3.5mm of free services since 2010. Why is this number so important? Because it represents not just the individual hours our skilled tech experts have donated to nonprofits, schools and libraries, but also the strong pro bono movement that has become part of tech community.

We know that when most people think of pro bono, they think of the legal and medical sectors. However, in today’s technology-driven society, we see thousands of technologists using their skills to provide hands on tech help, advising and training. They are creating a new “tech” footprint that is changing the landscape of the pro bono marketplace. Who knew? We did. We knew that our community of technologists would be ready, willing and able to answer the call.

The pro bono movement is gaining momentum in the tech community. On a daily basis, we see our tech volunteers creating sustainable solutions for our nonprofits, schools and libraries. They help senior citizen homes track patient data; they implement CRM systems for libraries to help raise more dollars. Technology has made a tremendous impact on the nonprofit sector, schools and libraries and will continue to be a driving force.

Last week, Aaron Hurst, President and Founder of the Taproot Foundation, wrote a great article:
The Great Tech Hope. It examines the current state of technology in the nonprofit sector and where investments will yield the greatest social impact. We are a movement and together we can make a difference in the communities we serve using technology for social good. How will you answer the call?

Click here to read The Great Tech Hope.

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