Friday, December 7, 2012

CCC Internet for Business Certificate Curriculum

Interactive Internet for Business Certificate curriculum will be available for all CCC Business, Computer Science and Digital Media Departments without any development cost.

In anticipation of the ‘Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy’ program the existing EWD iima4biz Initiative is devoting its resources to converting its business outreach Social Media and Interactive Internet workshop and conference assets for use within existing CCC Departments.

Because the content covers the fast changing technology related to Internet enabled business it would be hard for any single faculty or department to develop and maintain the curriculum.  This project will pay for the initial curriculum development by field experts then will maintain a curriculum asset portal with curriculum updates, fresh video content and interactive student exercises.  

Our intention is to offer these materials system wide, in a classroom usable format, to any CCC Business, Computer Science or Digital Media department.  Each College Faculty will have the ability to 'finish' or customize the curriculum to their regional needs and departmental scope and still share in the updates and website material.

This project will develop the majority of the material for two new courses (one intro, one capstone) to be paired with selected other existing courses that together will comprise a Certificate Program in Interactive Internet for Business. Constantly refreshed resources, guest lecture videos and interactive assignments will be available on a shared digital portal for use by all colleges.

We are finalizing arrangements for the basic curriculum now so the time is right to engage the key campus Faculty.  

Please have interested parties’ contact Stephen Wright       

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