Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CCC COE: Stem in 20 Reports

STEM in 20Centers of Excellence

Today's Innovation : Tomorrow's Jobs

STEM in 20, a research and planning project of the COE in collaboration with the Institute for the Future, takes an explorative look at industry innovations affecting workforce trends in the next 20 years, focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

What is STEM in 20?

The STEM in 20 project was developed to assist community college and k-12 partners discuss workforce trends with students from a unique perspective - more than 20 years into our future, what innovations and trends will have become mainstream? And where is it likely that advances in science and technology will create new products, new paradigms and new job opportunities? 

Drivers of Change in California

Drivers are important starting points for creating forecasts - plausible, internally consistent visions of the future. Drivers of change are the deep underlying forces that will be shaping the future. When thinking about the future of jobs in California, the Institute for the Future identified the following seven drivers as key: health divide, de-institutionalization, energy, volatility and uncertainty, smart machines, new manufacturing, and big data. 

Industries of the Future

STEM in 20 identified a short list of industry sectors vital to the California economy and the opportunities they hold for the future of the state's workforce. The Industries of the Future were chosen for their relationship to the Drivers of Change and for the opportunity they present in advancing an innovation economy.  At least two relate to ICT:

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