Thursday, November 15, 2012

CCC Board of Governors Supports Jobs & Economy Through Approval of Braided Expenditure Plan

The Community College Board of Governor meeting this Tuesday approved item 2.6, the Division’s expenditure plan for 2013-14 in support of the Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy framework. The expenditure plan braids the funds of SB1402 EWD, SB1070 and Perkins 1B to enable the targeting of investment against priority and emergent sectors of importance to regional economies. Braiding of funds is a resource allocation strategy whereby categoricals are applied towards a unified framework, rather than administered in isolation.
Brice Harris, the new Chancellor of the California Community Colleges, called the plan an important step in enhancing the alignment of college programs with labor market needs. “Community colleges have always been the workforce engine of our state. The current economy makes that mission all the more pressing, and we need to activate all methods that increase our contribution to jobs and the economy.”
The Board of Governors also discussed the continuum of recommendations put forth by Vice Chancellor Van Ton-Quinlivan for increasing the system’s responsiveness to workforce needs. The recommendations surfaced through 12+ Critical Conversations with the field and extensive engagement by system leaders active in the workforce mission. Discussed were:
1. administrative fixes as embodied in the Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and Economy framework, which are in-flight via the revised RFA process
2. the use of existing bodies to advise on ways to further empower regions:
  • What enables regional responsiveness to labor market demand?
  • What are impediments to regional collaboration?
3. the formation of a Chancellor-led system task force to rethink funding along these questions:
  • How should transfer pathways in-demand by industry be funded?
  • How should in-demand high-cost CTE programs be funded?
  • How should basic skills contextualized in CTE be funded?
Also of note is the second reading of item 4.4 - the Proposed Performance Framework for the California Community Colleges ARCC 2.0/Scorecard, which upon approval will be foundational to the system.
We aspire to keep you updated in future communications.
Van Ton-Quinlivan, Vice Chancellor
Workforce & Economic Development Division
Chancellor’s Office, California Community Colleges
1102 Q Street, 4th floor executive offices, Sacramento, CA 95811
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