Monday, November 19, 2012

Career Ladders Project ICT Study Invitation

The Latino Institute for Corporate Inclusion, in partnership with the Career Ladders Project, is conducting a study on the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) workforce, with a unique focus on entry and middle-level ICT careers.  We are looking at improving the educational pipeline to meet the industry’s workforce needs, as well as looking at increasing diversity, particularly for underrepresented groups in ICT such as Latinos and African Americans.

ICT is the umbrella term that encompasses everything related to computing, software, information, networking and communications technologies.  If it has or uses software controlled electronic circuitry or is a technology that helps people or devices communicate with each other, it is ICT.  This includes areas such as health informatics, social marketing, etc.  Our target audiences for completing the survey are people who hire, supervise, and/or educate entry and mid-level ICT employees in California, and ICT employees in entry and mid-level positions; especially those who are Latino or African American.

Please complete the 15 minute online survey and also share this request with others who meet the participation criteria. 

You can access the survey by clicking on:

If clicking on it does not work, then please cut and paste the link into your browser. The survey is anonymous and confidential. At the end of the survey, you have the option of entering in your email address in order to receive the study results. Please complete the survey by November 20, 2012.

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