Friday, November 2, 2012

Australia ICT Industry Scan and Training Package

An excellent example of national action to address the increasing strategic importance of ICT and ICT Workforce development is Australia.

Using an ICT framework helps policymakers and planners understand the importance of ICT, and it provides a comprehensive framework for addressing closely inter-related and inter-dependent ICT technologies, functions and workplace roles.  (Another practical reason to use ICT:  you can Google ICT and the results are relevant.  Googling IT produces almost every web page created in the English language.)

Check out:

The strategic importance of ICT and ICT Workforce demand is well documented.  Diverse stakeholders have weighed in on what is needed by employers of ICT Workforce, and a comprehensive system of workforce training and certification has been created to develop needed workforce and help employers validate required knowledge and skills.  Aligning to one system creates efficiencies and simplifies things for all.

Despite U.S. myopia, the U.S. no longer leads the world in many key measures.  Let's open our minds to learning from our peers around the world who are grappling with many of the same problems we are - and often coming up with better solutions!

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