Thursday, October 25, 2012

Free CCC Automated Website Assessment Tool


HTCTU: High Tech Center Training UnitThe High Tech Center Training Unit of the California Community Colleges system has licensed the Hi-Software Compliance Sheriff tool for use by each of the California community college districts.

This tool allows each district to conduct customized evaluations of their Web content to ensure that legal standards for accessibility and privacy are being maintained, as well as a host of other assessments useful for ensuring quality and fully functioning Web content.

The Compliance Sheriff tool allows for immediate testing as well as automated testing to be conducted at pre-determined dates and times. Customized reports can be sent to specific content creators and managers to help facilitate the management of quality control and content creation. In the reports, specific issues can be highlighted on a case-by-case basis, with general assistance in remedying each issues being provided to the end-user.
Screenshot of Compliance Sheriff Summary Report
Each automated scan can be configured to cover different levels of web content, the ability to assess MS Office documents, Flash, and PDF content, multi-domain support, the ability to scan learning management systems that are protected by username and password security, and the ability to create automated scripts for sophisticated interactivity assessment. Compliance Sheriff features an extensive library of assessment criteria to address concerns, ranging from technical standards like Section 508 and HIPPA to more general support such as Link Validation and Offensive Content standards.
Partial listing of available assessment criteria/checkpoints.
To learn more about the HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff and how your district can get access to the tool, please contact Jayme Johnson at the High Tech Center Training Unit via

The High Tech Center Training Unit promotes the success of students with disabilities through the use of technology. More information about the unit is available from<>

Jayme Johnson is a Web Accessibility Instructor for the High Tech Center Training Unit
of the California Community Colleges.

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