Monday, October 29, 2012

EPIC 2020

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EPIC 2020, stands for the proposition that the education of the world will change dramatically for the better during this decade. The two movies that follow and this site hope to provide tools that shatter the paradigm that the future will be anything like the past as well as facilitate discussion and accelerate actions to bring about the transformation of the education of the world.

Comments from Martin Van Der Werf, The College of Education Blog: “Will higher education collapse in this manner? No, this is far too simplistic. But are there grains of truth and seeds of nightmares in this? I would argue Yes. This video should inspire a mixture of guffaws, inspiration, and feelings of dread in just about anyone who watches it. So, if nothing else, Sams has succeeded in starting a dialogue that any college thinking seriously about its future needs to have.”

The Breaking Point has been replaced by The Tipping Point video 

2012 The Tipping Point

2012 The Tipping Point is a short presentation in a TED like format that was given by Bill Sams in June 2012 to the Ohio Tech Angel Fund members. Where EPIC 2020 is a futurist dramatization of what might happen in education and is designed to help people break out of their paradigm of traditional education  2012 The Tipping Point is a concise overview of what has already happened. This web site contains links and additional information on every thing discussed in the presentation.

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