Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Battelle CyberAuto Security Challenge

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How do you persuade would-be, young hackers into taking their quests for electronic thrills and channeling them into something positive? You get them involved in the Battelle CyberAuto Challenge, a first of its kind event hosted by the world’s largest independent R&D organization. Ever committed to championing science and technology as a catalyst for positive change, Battelle is taking automotive security way beyond physics in a way that is meaningful, interesting and educational, with the aim of preparing the workforce of tomorrow. From Aug. 13-17, this event teams high school and college students with industry and government to collectively engage in real-world, hands-on activities to solve numerous challenges. The Challenge not only addresses the growing challenge of cyberauto security, but more importantly, equips students with critical skills for paving successful careers upon graduation.

Battelle BEST Center (Battelle Eastern Science & Technology)
1204 Technology Dr.
Aberdeen, Md. 21001-1228
·         24 high school and college students from across the United States
·         24 auto industry and IT professionals and government representatives from such organizations as the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Transportation and the Detroit Three automakers

Today’s vehicles are more electronically complex than ever before, providing benefits from increased engine efficiency, enhanced safety and expanded infotainment offerings. But increased exchange of critical data between electronic components within cars and to the outside via Internet and mobile phone connectivity leaves cars vulnerable to cyber attack.
There is an immediate need to assist the auto industry in developing even more secure design and coding practices. Committed to championing science and technology as a catalyst for positive change in an increasingly technological world, Battelle created the CyberAuto Challenge to give young people the practical skills necessary to become the cyber security experts of tomorrow and to work collectively with the auto industry to protect and preserve users of our nation’s roadways.

Battelle, the world’s largest independent research and development organization, invites you to its first-ever Battelle CyberAuto Challenge – a week-long event that takes automotive cyber security way beyond physics in a way that is meaningful, interesting and educational. The aim is to prepare a future workforce well-equipped to combat the growing cyberauto security challenge.
Taking place Aug. 13-17, the Challenge consists of teams of high-school/college students and industry/government professionals who will work collectively to solve specific challenges related to cyberauto security. The agenda includes:
·         Daily lecture and instruction in the areas of design, coding, law and ethics
·         Practical sessions, where teams will apply their new knowledge and perform hands-on activities on real cars to solve specific security problems, including some within an aggressive timeframe, to simulate real-world conditions
·         Plus, there will be break-out opportunities throughout the week for teams to mingle and begin nurturing mentor-protégé relationships that will continue beyond the Challenge via an online forum.

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