Wednesday, July 25, 2012

UCLA to Hold Three-Day Conference on Mobile Web Framework

The Institute for Digital Research and Education and the Office of Information Technology are planning a three-day conference based on the Mobile Web Framework. The MWF,, is device-agnostic, technology platform independent (works with .Net, Java, PHP, and more), and empowers any web developer to create mobile sites.  The MWF platform's strength is its ease of use, scalability, breadth of device compatibility, and collaborative nature. It is a natural mobile app crowdsourcing platform.  'UCLA Mobile' is built on this technology, see

The conference, which will take place Sept 5th-7th 2012, will highlight a new Mobile Web Ohmage Client (MWoC), which provides a device-agnostic version of the Ohmage open source platform for Participatory Sensing and Mobile Health applications,  Pilots using MWoC and Ohmage will launch this fall.

Rose Rocchio (Office of Information Technology) and Deborah Estrin (Computer Science) will jointly announce the launch of MobilizeLabs ( at the conference. MobilizeLabs will support the community in leveraging and advancing mobile, web, and social media technologies for cutting-edge research across many disciplines. MobilizeLabs will develop enabling software platforms, consult on methodology, and aggregate experience, acting as a leader, incubator, and collaborator to its partners. MobilizeLabs will draw on participatory sensing research led by Deborah Estrin, mobile platforms by Rose Rocchio of the UCLA Office of Information Technology (OIT), and the platform deployment experience of the NSF Mobilize Math Science Partnership. Deborah Estrin will continue as co-Director of MobilizeLabs from her new position with Cornell NYCTechCampus.

For more information about this dynamic, forward-looking conference please go to The Early-bird non-profit rate for the three-day conference, which includes lunch, is $230 and expires on July 31st. The Regular non-profit rate is $330, the For-Profit rate is $450 and the remote rate is $145. 

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