Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting a job in Social Media could start with a Certificate of Completion from this on-line Workshop

Thousand Oaks, CA – Demand for employees who can manage a company’s social media efforts continues to increase in California leaving those without the knowledge at a disadvantage for promotions or new jobs.  Training workers to manage social media, new media, interactive internet and mobile applications is the goal of the just released on-line Social Media Management workshop series developed by the California Community College Economic & Workforce Development Program and available FREE at 

This cutting edge workshop is designed to help individuals understand how Internet technology affects business and how they can develop an effective plan to impact revenue growth and customer retention with interactive internet, social and mobile media.  From their desk at work or at home, on their computer or mobile device, participants waste no time in finding out what is most effective for their markets and their products and learn to apply solid proven successful traditional business practices in the ever changing landscape of current technology and consumer behavior. 

To earn a non-credit Certificate of Completion in the Social Media Management workshop users simply register on-line at and complete all the workshops in the program in short segments of 5-10 minute videos, total time two hours. The participants will be exposed to the fundamentals of technology, efficiency, implementation, marketing, reducing operating costs, customer service and disaster recovery.

Participants are asked to apply the strategic planning process to their own business as part of the workshop exercises.  Discussion boards, archive materials, worksheets and links further help in training and understanding the management of social media.

Kerry Rego and Steve Wright present a series of entertaining and engaging workshop videos teaching the fundamentals of Social Media Management.  Kerry's years of experience working closely with small businesses and approachable warmth provide a personal touch to the material.  Steve’s traditional management viewpoint answers the questions and concerns of business owners.

Employees are a fundamental element of small business; they often carry out multiple duties including new media, web site management, clerical, etc.  In order for California to develop economic prosperity and competitive resilience, we must ensure that employees have the opportunity to learn new skills required for the current economic environment.  California’s 740,000 small businesses are the engine of jobs and recovery, and on-line competition for consumers occurs over the internet from every state and country.  The ability of California business to adapt and grow revenue utilizing these tools is essential for economic growth. 

Materials and curriculum were developed by the iima4biz Initiative with a grant from the Economic & Workforce Development Program and materials are being presented at no cost. There is no commercial interest or product endorsement in the content.  iima4biz is an Initiative of the Economic & Workforce Development Program. 

About iima4biz

The Interactive Internet and Mobile Applications for Business Initiative, or iima4biz, is one of several innovative initiatives led by the Economic & Workforce Development program hosted by the California Community Colleges. Iima4biz provides workshops and training for the business community, as well as, curriculum assets for the California Community College system.  Timely social media conferences for government and for Spanish speaking businesspersons can be found at the Economic & Workforce Development  website:

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