Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Save Science in California

Chris Roe
Dear Friends,

This week the California Legislature will vote on the state budget, including Governor Brown's proposal to eliminate funding for a second year of high school science in California schools.  

The Governor's proposal would undo a 1983 law that requires California high school graduates to complete two years of science, the minimum requirement for entry to the California State University or University of California systems. As a result, it would allow high schools to stop offering a second year of science if they choose to - a likely scenario for cash-strapped schools.

If approved, California would be the only state in the nation that effectively requires students to take only one year of high school science to graduate.  

Without question, the Governor's proposal would have serious and long-term negative impacts on many California students, especially for those from poor and disenfranchised communities. It would also jeopardize the ability of our students and companies to compete globally.  

CSLNet has been working diligently to raise awareness among state legislators, the media, and the business community about this obscure provision in the Governor's budget proposal. We have also been working in coordination with several other groups as well.

What can you do to help?

I urge you to contact the governor and your legislator immediately to voice your opposition to this shortsighted proposal and urge them to reject any budget that cuts funding for a second year of high school science.  

My team has drafted a set of talking points and launched a petition about the issue for you to familiarize yourself as you talk to your legislators and other partners. Please share this Alert/Petition and information broadly.

Our coordinated actions seem to be having an effect, as the proposed Assembly and Senate budgets released yesterday appear to retain the funding for a second year of high school science in their version of the budget. But your support is needed to ensure they have the firepower to keep this in the final version of the budget that gets enacted.

Thanks for your support on this important issue.

Chris Roe, CEO
California STEM Learning Network

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