Tuesday, May 8, 2012

iima4biz Video Workshop Available for CCC Faculty Use

As a California Community College educator you may be interested in the on-line video workshop we have created for small businesses who are beginners in social media. The content would be relevant for a variety of business, IT or entrepreneurial training classes. The SWOT strategic planning exercise is a valuable lesson that can be done as a homework assignment and discussed in class for a great benefit.

The Interactive Internet and Mobile Applications for Business video workshop provided by the California Community Colleges is now available on line with tuition waived at www.web4biz.org.

The workshop consists of 5 to 10 minute videos with discussion and materials covering the following key aspects of social media deployment:
  • Overview of new media marketing, customer service, collaboration and contingency (disaster recovery) for small business.
  • Understanding the relevant applications to your business, how to assess your identity on the web, how to review your business strategy in light of new social media advantages and risks.
  • Review of implementation alternatives; i.e. Outsource, Hire or Train, as well as Budget and Metric reviews
Presented by Kerry Rego and Steve Wright, the series is entertaining and engaging. Kerry's years of experience working closely with small businesses and approachable warmth provide a personal touch to the material. Steve's traditional management viewpoint brings out the questions and concerns of business owners.

Users have nothing but praise for the timely and common sense approach that puts businesses in charge of their online identity and strategy.

The workshop is funded by a grant from the State of California Economic & Workforce Development Program, iima4biz Initiative and has no commercial sponsor or commercial interest.

We have tested and use the material with small businesses and employed an experienced small business consultant to present the material as she would to small business owners.
Please register and enjoy the workshop yourself, it is free for you and your students. If you would like to use it in your class we offer , custom registration and reporting for each class you identify.

If you are would like to have your course added to the drop down menu for registration please register at www.web4biz.org.

In addition to direct outreach to businesses we define our success as being able to share with our peers in the CCC's. I look forward to your input.


Steve Wright
State Director iima4biz Initiative
Economic & Workforce Development program CCCCO
805 496 8583

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