Sunday, April 15, 2012

U.S. IT Jobs Back To 2008 Levels

"Bureau of Labor statistics show IT unemployment still hovers above 4%, though, as more unemployed people relaunch their search for work.

"Tech-related jobs in the U.S. have recovered back to their pre-recession levels, with total people employed in IT above 4 million again, according to data in the Bureau of Labor Statistics' surveys of U.S. households in the first quarter of this year.
"U.S. IT employment is at an estimated 4.04 million, according to the first quarter BLS data. That means three of the last four quarters have shown IT jobs above 4 million; the last time that happened was in 2008.
"IT unemployment is estimated at 4.3% for the first quarter, based on the survey data. That's an increase from the prior quarter's 3.9% despite IT job growth, as more people returned to the IT workforce as unemployed but looking for a job..."

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