Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Retraining Economy" Asks More of Community Colleges

"At the March 2012 meeting of the Board of Governors, Vice Chancellor Ton-Quinlivan hosted a panel entitled Community Contribution to Jobs and Economy with Tim Rainey, Executive Director of the California Investment Board (CWIB), and Nancy Shulock, Director of the Institute for Higher Education Leadership & Policy (IHELP).

(photo: CWIB Executive Director Rainey
with Vice Chancellor Ton-Quinlivan)

"Discussed was the profile of the State's 2.1 million unemployed. Rainey explained, "We're in the retraining economy. Folks need to be able to check back into the education system many times in their life to get skills upgrading, retraining, and certifications that meet industry need." Shulock challenged the system to evaluate areas of policy disconnects that hinder responsiveness to the workforce mission.

"In reaction to the panel, the Board charged Vice Chancellor Ton-Quinlivan to craft alternative methodologies whereby the system would be more successful in carrying out its career technical education (CTE) mission. Chancellor Jack Scott endorsed the work and stated, "...One of the most dynamic fields in community colleges for our future is CTE." Click here to view the meeting.

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