Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Faculty Development Week Agendas Announced

This summer, MPICT and the California Community College ICT Collaborative will be co-hosting two very high quality, 4.5 day Faculty Development Week events:

SoCal FDW 
 Ohlone Photo

Click on the individual event links above to see the exceptional, multiple track offerings at each event.

Faculty Development Week is an opportunity to go deep and learn new technical content or teaching and learning skills.

Both of these events will be FREE for qualified community college instructors in ICT related programs, who may be eligible for stipendsor travel expense reimbursements to attend either or both events.

Staying current with quickly changing ICT technologies and teaching practices is imperative for teachers and programs to remain relevant.

Check it out!

Register free at:

(It is possible these agendas will change some.  There is a lot going on at these events.  This is the best information we have for now.)

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