Friday, April 27, 2012

Credit card 'info for sale' websites closed in global raids

"Dozens of websites offering credit card details and other private information for sale have been taken down in a global police operation.

"Britain's Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) says raids in Australia, Europe, the UK and US are the culmination of two years of work.
"Credit card numbers or bank account details of millions of unsuspecting victims were sold for as little as £2...
"Some of the websites have been under observation for two years.
"During that period the details of about two-and-a-half million credit cards were recovered - preventing fraud, according to industry calculations, of at least £0.5bn.
"Lee Miles, the head of Soca's cyber crime unit, told the BBC that criminals were now selling personal data on an "industrial" scale.
"He said: "Criminals are turning over vast volumes of these cards. We must match the criminals - it's an arms race.
""They are industrialising their processes and likewise we have to industrialise our processes to match them."
"Mr Miles said traditional "bedroom" hackers were being recruited by criminal gangs to write the malware or "phishing" software that steals personal information.
"Other IT experts are used to write the computer code that enables the websites to cope, automatically, with selling the huge amounts of data.
""I'd rather arrest 10 code writers than 1,000 front-end fraudsters," he said.
"Joint operations on Thursday in Australia, the US, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Romania and Macedonia led to the websites being closed down..."

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