Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Many Young Workers are IT Rule-Breakers

From the Harvard Business Review's The Daily Stat
January 10, 2012

"Seven out of ten young employees who are aware of their companies' IT policies acknowledge breaking those rules with varying regularity, according to a Cisco survey of more than 2,800 college students and young professionals in 14 countries. The most common reasons are employees' belief that they aren't doing anything wrong (33%), the need to access unauthorized applications for their jobs (22%), lack of enforcement (19%), lack of time to think about policies(18%), inconvenience of adhering to policies (16%), and forgetting to do so (15%). Almost two-thirds (61%) say the responsibility for protecting information and devices falls on IT or service providers, not individual employees."
Source: Cisco Connected World Technology Report

Makes a case that digital literacy and soft skills might improve the quality and sustained employment of new entrants to the workforce!

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