Monday, January 30, 2012

Blueprint for an America Built to Last - Must Include ICT Education

The White House has released President Obama's Blueprint for an America Built to Last, which was part of his recent State of the Union address.

Under "A Nation Where Everyone Gets a Fair Shot, Does Their Fair Share, and Plays by the Same Set of Rules" on the third page is:

  • "Forge new partnerships between community colleges and businesses to train and place 2 million skilled workers." AND
  • "Double work-study jobs and take steps to hold down college costs for middle-class families."
This is a President who understands the value and potential of community colleges.  The Blueprint includes more detail on efforts to improve education.

ICT is a key area for strategic job growth.  ICT jobs are going unfilled even in this poor economy, because employers cannot find appropriately skilled workers.  This is a call to arms for ICT educators.

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