Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Posters and banners help increase the number of female students in your classes

What was the number one most successful campaign to recruit women to male-dominated careers? Rosie the Riveter. She encouraged women to work in factories during World War II, while male workers were in the military. This government campaign used posters and news stories about their number one female role model, Rosie.

You can give that same kind of empowerment to your students this holiday season. Imagine what a precious gift that was to these women. Here are some tools to help you to do the same thing:

Unlimited Potential Posters: Imprint the images of successful female role models in STEM around your campus.  Also, send the message that women in technology are important to your school.  Hang this set of six posters around your school's classrooms, counseling offices and hallways.  Plus, add your schools program contact information and logo to each poster!

Women in Technology and Trades Banners: These banners will help make your career events more appealing to female students. Plus, hang the banners year-round in your school's classrooms, hallways and around campus to send the message that women can succeed in these career areas. Each banner is 6 feet wide by 2 feet high and includes 3 grommets on top and bottom for easy hanging.

When I was doing a training in Chula Vista, CA, on theborder with Mexico, one of the male IT instructors said that hanging a banner like this does more than just feature female role models: It says that this is who we are as a school, and we welcome women into our program. That's the type of message that it's key to send.

Make sure your outreach materials feature female role models. Whether it's your school's website, catalogue or brochures, make sure that female role models are represented. Because STEM occupations tend to have very few women, you'll need some women in technology banners or posters to send a strong opposite message in your school. Just like Rosie, women are welcome.

Donna Milgram
Executive Director - Institute for Women in Trades, Technology Science

PS. Don't forget, you can customize the Unlimited Potential posters for your programs! Add your program contact information and school logo, and attract even more students. It's as easy as printing out a mailing label. 

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