Friday, December 2, 2011

Data: The Search is On

"What sources do you rely on for reliable IT industry research and data? Some answers may include government data (e.g. BEA, BLS), research subscription services (e.g. IDC, Gartner), news websites (e.g. Channel Insider, CIO) and search engines (e.g. Bing, Google). That’s a lot of sources to dig through!

"Even then, there is still no guarantee of mining that “golden nugget” of information. Clearly, there must be a more efficient and effective way to search for that meaningful market size data, growth forecast, market opportunity etc. At last, there is – the CompTIA ReSEARCH Engine.
This new online tool provides you with a better way to get your hands on that precious data you could urgently use for purposes such as business plans, sales calls or presentations.

"Maintained by our very own research analysts, the search engine immediately returns useful data points, also known as “answers.” The CompTIA ReSEARCH Engine is:
  • Targeted – quickly find answers compiled solely from IT industry research and data sources.
  • Easy to use – it has simple, yet powerful search functionality.
  • Comprehensive – you can connect directly to CompTIA, government and industry data sources.
"The most reliable sources of data are incorporated. CompTIA has an extensive market research program designed to provide the IT industry timely, relevant and actionable data and intelligence. Our research benchmarks business attitudes, purchase plans and technology preferences so members can plan their selling strategy. It identifies what technology is in demand and pinpoints industry areas poised for growth. Numerous IT industry topics are covered, such as IT spending, cloud computing, security, skills, unified communications, managed services and other end-user markets (e.g. government, education, SMB and healthcare)...


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