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PostersShow your female students they have "Unlimited Potential"

The key to increasing the number of women in your technology classes is to use images, like those in the posters, of female role models on the job. Women don't think of themselves in careers like engineering, construction, manufacturing, and auto technology because the percentage of women working in these jobs is still so small. Each of the posters in this set features a woman thriving in one of these fields:

  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Automotive Technology
  • Green Jobs
  • Construction Technology
  • Engineering Technology
  • Technology
By hanging these posters in your hallways, classrooms and around campus, you'll help imprint images of female role models in the minds of your female (and male) students. These images send a positive counteracting message and help women picture themselves in these occupations.

Plus, you can customize the posters for your programs to attract even more students. Add your school's program contact information and logo to each poster. Find out more about customizing the posters.

Don't miss this opportunity to increase enrollment of female students in your programs!

BkRelease"Is there an engineer inside you?" Book release

This week marks the release of the third edition of "Is There an Engineer Inside You?" The book, now updated and completely revised, covers women and minorities in engineering, 32 different types of engineering, how to succeed in engineering school, engineering careers that make you say "wow!", how much money engineers make and much more. This book is a great reference on engineering careers in the marketplace.

The author, Celeste Baine, wrote the first edition when she was in engineering school. She says, "It was the book I wished I'd had when making the decision to go to school. I wrote it because I wanted my fellow students to know what they were getting into and have a clear idea about all the amazing pathways that engineers could follow. Making a lot of money was such a popular reason to go to engineering school that I worried my friends would drop out when things got hard (technically and emotionally). I thought that my reference book would help provide a stronger foundation and offer more compelling reasons for choosing an engineering education. Given the popularity of the first two editions, I like to think that it's helping thousands of students!"

For educators who interested in this book to lend or give to students, for their school libraries, or for their personal interest, Celeste offers several opportunities:
  1. 40% off coupons: If you want to give out the coupons to your clubs, teams or students; slip them inside conference bags or include with giveaway, contact Celeste Baine and she will send you a stack of coupons.
  2. For every educator that orders this new edition, you will also receive a PowerPoint presentation that you can use in class to explain about engineering careers. It's colorful, engaging, and designed to save you time.
  3. Last but not least, Celeste will provide a free presentation or workshop at your conference, meeting, or event for every group or organization that orders at least 160 of these books.
This book makes a great gift for the future engineer in your life and should be included in every classroom or school library. You can't go wrong, every student will find something useful within the pages. Follow the link below to read reviews, see the table of contents and preview part of chapter one online.

STEMSuccess stories of women in STEM

Looking for more resources to inspire your female students to consider a career in STEM? Look no further. Here are some recent stories and articles about women and female students succeeding in science, engineering and technology to motivate and encourage young women to think about careers they might not have considered before.

Did you know that between 1997 and 2011, the number of women-owned construction companies increased faster than all but two other industries? Check out the full Maine Business article to read interviews with female role models in construction.

The report "Women in STEM: A Gender Gap to Innovation" by the U.S. Department of Commerce found that, "Women with STEM jobs earned 33 percent more than comparable women in non-STEM jobs." Just one reason highlighted in the report that more women and girls should pursue a career in STEM!

Harvey Mudd College started making major changes in 2006 to more than triple the percentage of female computer science majors to 42%. Maria Klawe took over as president, and sped up plans to revamp the computer science curriculum. The introductory course is now broken into three sections-one of which is for beginners and all of which focus on problem solving.

What a difference a summer camp makes in this New York Times article! "By the last day of [Gadget] camp, Nautika had told her parents that manufacturing was 'cool.' Fashioning a lamp shade out of a thin piece of cardboard, she mused, 'I have two good careers ahead of me.'"

What are those two potential careers? After Gadget Camp this young woman is considering basketball and manufacturing!

Check out The Huffington Post's "Women in Tech" series: 18 Female Founders In Tech To Watch. Jess Lee -- the co-founder of a social fashion website called Polyvore and former Google product manager -- is just one of the 18 role models highlighted in this slideshow. Jess credits her former female boss with inspiring her to cofound Polyvore!

Would you like to see more inspiring role model resources, news clips and information about women in STEM? Like us on Facebook at to see updates like these!

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