Monday, October 3, 2011

WomenTech Educators Free Webinar

Tomorrow is the big day! It's not too late to sign up for my WomenTech Educators Free Webinar. Join me tomorrow, Tuesday, October 4 at 10 am PT/ 1 pm ET.
This webinar will get you started with proven, research-based strategies you can implement right away to increase the number of women in your science, technology, engineering and math classes.

At the webinar, you'll learn:
*3 simple techniques you can implement tomorrow so your female students will excel in the lab
*The top three recruitment strategies -- according to the women themselves
* The critical thing women want to hear up front that will keep them engaged throughout your course
* Why just changing your thinking isn't enough, and what you can do about it
* The #1 secret to increasing the number of women in your classes
There ARE proven, effective strategies that you can use to recruit and retain more female students. I can't wait to share all of this with you.
Join me tomorrow, Tuesday, October 4 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET for the webinar. Be sure to register right away!

I'll "see" you online at the webinar!

Donna Milgram
Executive Director - Institute for Women in Trades, Technology Science

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